Woodturning – Burl to handle for carbide tool

Woodturning – Burl to handle for carbide tool


16 thoughts on “Woodturning – Burl to handle for carbide tool”

  1. Villy, a suggestion. When you want to turn a handle, drill the hole while the blank is squareish. Then you use the hole to locate the tail centre and end up with a centred hole.

  2. Scavenging wood pays off bigtime ! Now you can tell the naysayers 'I told you so, this is why I picked up those ugly bumps that day'. Because you now have a beautiful tool 👍🏆🎨 Be sure to tell us how well it works when you use it in some upcoming project. I'm curious about the off centeredness and the lack of ferrule. I need to make some handles and am worried about getting them centered. Not sure if that matters. -Mike

  3. Burls after turning looks like flowers 😊 Looks very nice 👌 and I hope it will be serving to You long years. Even with little offcentering tool should work very good. I have one offcentered and there is no diference. Great work 💪

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