100 thoughts on “Woman Claims Mom’s Mansion Is Overcrowded With Expensive Furnishings And ‘Hoarder Stacks Of Paper…”

  1. The mom and that house are so awesome. Like anything they have their issues but how come she can’t just love and embrace her mom? She seems like she’s got some damaged feelings

  2. The value of the belongings are probably the same value of the house.
    That could pay for a nice assisted living home for the daughter.

  3. I wish she was my mom. Aunt. Grandma. Anything of relation because she seems so sweet and so smart ! I agree she’s loving life !! As we should all learn ! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love the Mom! She's got 2 ungrateful daughters but she's amazing! I hope I'm that happy when I get older!

  5. Dr. Phil do you think that’s a complex house have you seen the house do you just sold there’s guns displayed in your dining room you have a staircase that looks like it’s from Narnia

  6. This mom is a capitalist narcissistic bully and maybe she’s a nice lady too. Don’t know but she is a hoarder which also is a narc trait

  7. Its Her house and HER money. She should be able to do whatever she wants with it. I dont understand what the problem is. Both her daughters need to get their own lives.

  8. Love when the mom came back "she has a "space" with a kitchen, Landry room, bathroom, shower and bedroom… You're making it sound like I put her in a dungeon"
    Most parents give their kid a room. And a room only lol

  9. It's not the kind of hoarding that's unhygenic of a safety hazard and it obviously brings the woman great joy. It's her house so I see nothing wrong at all. Also it's kind of weird that the daughter complains so much about what's gonna happen when the mom dies when she looks pretty healthy. She's not dead yet so stop acting like it

  10. Mum is fabulous. Rich people can subsidise whoever they want, like royals. Any mum with a difficult child looks inside for answers. Lucky daughter is no pshyc nurse, and l know the feeling very well.

  11. I like the mom. Shes smart. Classy in her own way. The children need to deal with there own issues and be thankful for there mother!

  12. I dnt consider her a hoarder. Most hoarders homes are absolutely filthy, hers appears to be clean. Yes she has a lot of stuff but then again, she does live in a mansion lol. She has a lot of space so I can see how easy it could be to collect a lot of things over the years. Now she may be holding onto more than maybe she should be but this isn't really giving me hoarders vibes. Hoarders also tend to have something going on with them emotionally or mentally which is why they're ok living in horrendous conditions. Mom appears to be very emotionally and mentally sound. She seems to have a story with almost every possession she owns so this just seems more like someone holding onto things for sentimental reasons. It doesn't seem at all as alarming as the daughter was making it out to be. I agree with Mom, daughter is overreacting. Honestly the mom seems like the most normal one of them all. She's def the most likeable lol.

  13. Her idiot daughter is probably gonna sell all that beautiful furniture once the mom does.🙄 If I were her I'd just maybe organize more and definitely keep the things. Once your mama is gone she's gone, and all you have left of her is her belongings.

  14. The mom is an icon!! I’m happy for her! She’s living her best life and spending her money how she chooses. Her daughters need help

  15. Funny how sometimes we do not enjoy the little things that matter the most.
    I would go by her and listen to the stories of those antiques and not get bored either. Maybe even drink tea and have popcorn.

  16. I'm just so relieved when she said that no elephants were harmed and that the tusks are not of a real elephant. Like that's all I need to know, I don't care about the "hoarding"

  17. That house is hideous but everything in there is going to be worth a fortune. Kim can pay someone 2 clean it out it's no big deal let her live

  18. Her: “This is what I’m going to wear for the “
    Me assuming what she gonna say: “ the dr phil show “
    Her: “for the downstairs tour”
    Me : 😐 who changes to go down stairs lol

  19. this is her house, her money..if u dnt like it just get out from her house and rent..thts wht im doin right now..apprently im renting..n will comes bck home whenever i want to..

  20. Show me any grandma that hasn't hoarded things from her long life. This lady just has money for a big house and really nice things. Everythings clean, shes having fun showing it off. Who wouldnt want to inherit her stuff. The lady is winning.

  21. Beautiful home. I would love a tour. Her Mother needs to have positive people around her. The oldest daughter can stay in a Senior Live In Center. Because she is mentally ill. The other daughter just needs to know that her Mother is doing well. And let her do her own thing. My Mother is almost 96 years old and loves life. I let things ride. I am there for her always.

  22. YOLO! So agreed with mom…live your life they way you like! Ya life ya $$..couldnt be more happier to see her so alive and full of life….shes too cute!!

  23. The mother is an incredibly lady. I find her QUITE likeable. She’s lovely in fact. Very over the top – we need more people like her. He personality is wasted on her family who are such wet blankets.

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