White House LIES About Imminent Threat From Iran

White House LIES About Imminent Threat From Iran

>>Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert
O’Brien, is defending so called intel indicating that Qasem Soleimani was serving as an imminent
threat to the United States, which essentially makes an excuse for Donald Trump’s order of
an assassination on Soleimani. Now, I wanna be clear that the intelligence
agencies have not provided any intel at least publicly, and the Trump administration has
not provided any specifics publicly, however, they’re still pushing this narrative about
how they have the intel, and how they’re gonna share the details of that Intel. With Congress tomorrow on Wednesday, almost
a week after this assassination took place. I would argue that if they had that intel
to begin with, they would show it immediately to members of Congress to justify what is
now in my opinion, a war crime. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s go to Donald Trump arguing that
he knew all about Soleimani’s actions, when in reality he didn’t even know who Soleimani
was. Take a look.>>What would you tell us about what you knew
prior?>>Well, number one I knew the past. His past was horrible. He was a terrorist. He was so designated by President Obama, as
you know. And he wasn’t even supposed to be outside
of his own country. He was, so right there. But that’s in a way the least of it. We had an attack very recently, that he was
in charge of where we had people horribly wounded, one dead. In fact, the number now as of this morning,
I believe is two dead, and that was his. He was traveling with the head of Hezbollah. They weren’t there to discuss a vacation. They were there to go to a nice resort, someplace
in Baghdad. They were there to discuss bad business, and
we saved a lot of lives by terminating his life. A lot of lives were saved, they were planning
something, and you’re going to be hearing about it, or at least various people in Congress
are gonna be hearing about it tomorrow. Our Secretary of State covered it very well
a little while ago. I saw him, I saw his news conference, Mike. And if you wanna mention a couple of things
in addition to what I’ve just said, but we had tremendous information, we’ve been following
him for a long time. And we followed his path for those three days,
and they were not good steps. We didn’t like where he was stopping, they
were not good steps. We saved a lot of lives.>>Okay, so we have an imbecile for a president,
and you know this but so.>>He said nothing there, just to be clear. No Anna, he clarified by saying he was up
to bad business by going to not good stops, third graders president and again, it’s insulting
third graders. So, last week we showed you clips of Donald
Trump being asked during the election season, who Qasem Soleimani was and he said. Sure, I know who he is and.>>Yes.>>And then they mentioned the Kurdish force
and he’s like, the Kurdish are good guys. And he was like no, the Kurdish force from
Iran. He’s like, it’s a gotcha question. It’s not fair. But, I thought you said you knew who he was. So now here he is, couple years later he’s
claiming he knows Solemani, really really well. That’s why he did this. And what do you know about him? He’s making not good stops.>>Yeah that means nothing.>>We’re gonna give you nothing. That means absolutely nothing, of course except
that he wanted to show that he was a tough guy. By killing an Iranian general. So, we’re gonna get through a quote, that
will definitively tell you that they knew nothing in a second, okay?>>Yeah.>>But, I wanna make sure in one of the thing
that he talked about there. He said he’s a terrorist. That is a blanket statement that we make of
everyone, and that’s our enemy, and so it justifies all of our actions, and all assassinations,
and all war crimes because we arbitrarily call them terrorists. Now, did Solemani’s actions lead to other
people’s deaths? Yes. Is he also the top General of Iran? Yes. So, do the actions of some of our generals
lead to deaths? Yes. Okay. Are they terrorists? No, so now even if you say, well yeah but
I don’t like Iran. So, I’d like to just call them terrorists. Remember, okay, that’s fine, you can feel
good about that. But, remember it has ramifications.>>Right.>>Cuz they then call us terrorists, and our
generals, and our diplomats, terrorist and they say okay, well if you have a right to
murder our generals, we have a right to murder your generals, and your other officials. And by the way, today, Iran, at least actually
was slightly more measure than Trump and said, what America did was state terrorism, it’s
also a little bit more correct. And so, Iran has done state terrorism, arguably. And now, we have apparently done state terrorism.>>Right
>>And so now we’re all gonna murder one another.>>Yeah
>>And that’s how war starts.>>Look, this isn’t. It’s really important for people to understand,
this isn’t a debate to adjudicate whether or not Soleimani he was a bad person, right? No, this is about burden of proof, right? To hink of it as like a murder trial, because
something as heavy as war. Deserves a high burden of proof. Right? So in this case, in order to unilaterally
without congressional authorization, do a drone strike that assassinates a top general
in a sovereign country, you need to provide evidence, irrefutable evidence, that that
individual served as an imminent threat. What does an imminent threat mean? It means that he was about to carry out an
attack, that was going to kill members of our military, US personnel, what have you. They have failed to provide that. Again, this is not a debate about whether
or not Soleimani is a bad guy. There are many bad guys, around the world,
that the United States is in bed with. Trump is specifically in bed with the crown
prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, who ordered the murder of a US journalist,
and US resident Jamal Khashoggi.>>Hey guys, can we just at least all agree
that obviously, Mohammed Bin Salman is a terrorist by this standard. He chopped up a journalist, literally dismembered
him, it doesn’t get any more terrorist than that, so are we allowed to murder Mohammed
Bin Salman? Or should we, do we have an obligation to
murder Mohammed bin Salman? Cuz this is not my philosophy. This is Donald Trump’s philosophy. Now, do you have any idea what would happen
if we random not randomly, but because of that, assassinated Mohammed Bin Salman? A lot of terrible consequences would come
from that. I can’t stand the Saudi government, but I
wouldn’t wanna assassinate Salman, I’d wanna do it through legal processes, and bring him
to justice for the murder of Khashoggi. But, we don’t just drop bombs on people, because
we’ve felt like it, or it was in our political best interest>>Because that escalates war, and that actually,
threatens the lives of more members of our military, and US personnel abroad. That’s why you have to think about strategy,
not whether or not, you emotionally find someone appealing enough to not attack them. So look, I have to make one quick clarification
as well, in the beginning of the clip that we showed you, Trump said something about
how Soleimani was designated by Obama. He wasn’t designated by Obama. In fact, since we’re talking about Saudi Arabia,
Obama in 2011, sanctioned Soleimani specifically, because he was targeting our ally Saudi Arabia. So it’s not as if the Obama administration
was like a buddy buddy with Soleimani. That is not the case at all. In fact, Obama in 2011 again, sanctioned him. Now with that said, let’s go to the national
security adviser to Donald Trump, Robert O’Brien. He’s gonna explain, again, very vaguely that
there is intel that pushed them to do this. Take a look. The intel that we had, the information we
had, which we believe was very strong, showed that Soleimani, and those he was plotting
with, were looking to kill American diplomats, and soldiers in significant numbers in the
coming days. And that’s why the President authorized the
successful operation, that was undertaken by the US military. So, it’s important for you to understand that
everything that’s coming out of these Trump administration officials is a flat out lie. They’re being vague on purpose, because they
don’t have the intel to prove that Soleimani was an imminent threat. In fact, if you don’t believe me because you
just think well, she’s a progressive. And she doesn’t want this war. First of all, you’re right about that. But let’s hear from General Mark Milley, or
Millie, I apologize. General Mark Milley, who’s the Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I’m gonna read you his quote. He said, I will be happy when the appropriate
time comes, and in front of the proper committees, and anybody else, through history and every
I will stand by the intelligence I saw, that it was compelling. It was imminent, it was very, very, very clear
in scale scope. Okay, fine.>>That sounds really definitive Anna.>>That sounds definitive right? And then he, I’m not joking, immediately follows
that quote with this. Did it exactly say who, what, when, where? No, but he was planning, coordinating, and
synchronizing significant combat operations against US military forces in the region. And it was imminent, he said, adding that
quote, we would have been culpably negligent to the American people had we not made the
decision we made.>>No, it’s over, it’s over. Did it’s saying when, who, where? No. In other words, you didn’t have anything,
okay? You didn’t have anything. It’s a lie, it’s a lie. Did we know who they were gonna kill? No. Wait a minute, you didn’t know who they were
gonna kill, then how did you know they were gonna kill him anybody? Did we know when or where? No. So then, what the hell did you know? You didn’t know anything. Everything else is a lie. That’s a Joint Chief right there admitting
on the record, we didn’t know who the hell he was gonna target, or if he was gonna target
anyone, we just made it up. Why? Donald Trump thought okay, well I mean I have
to show that when embassy is attacked, but it’s not gonna be a Benghazi! I guarantee you, that is the number one reason. Yeah distract from impeachment, yes, you wanna
prove you’re a tough guy, etc. It was the Benghazi thing, that I think motivated
him the most. Like, I’m gonna show that I’m tougher than
Obama. Obama once for once now, guys it’s over. It’s over the head of the Joint Chief said
we had no effing idea. You just saw the quote.

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    So under these rules, assholes like these could travel to Iraq, sit down for meetings, plan the attacks, arm the attackers, give them funding, and then step back and watch; with cocky assurance that nothing would ever happen to him.

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    The USA has only proven again to the world that we do whatever the hell we want. Commit war crimes, break laws, assassinate whoever we want with trump up evidence, steal whatever resources we want, and act like the most corrupted police force of the world.

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