Use to Mitre & Sypher Tenon joint study cube making Part1: conversion of timber. reading room DIY.

Use to Mitre & Sypher Tenon joint study cube making Part1: conversion of timber. reading room DIY.

The best concentration Tenon joint one-person reading(study)room making part1: conversion of timber Hello ~ I am Uncle carpenter.
Today, I show you the cutting process during the process of creating a one-person reading room that has been created with care. I used the tenon joint method which does not use nails or screws in all parts except the panel part and maintenance part. We also built a reading room to maximize the concentration of study by minimizing eye fatigue by adjusting the amount of air circulation and LED lighting by inserting a ventilator. I think that my niece will concentrate on studying as much as she wants to enter a good university.

Before watching the video, please subscribe and like and press the alarm It is a CAD drawing of a 1 person reading room to be made now. It determines the top, bottom, left and right and inside and outside according to the pattern of the tree. And cut out the tree to fit there. It is a little bit fast, but I will release all the processes that I make. Maybe it will be a lot of help for woodworking beginners. If the initial cut out is wrong, the whole size will be wrong. Therefore, it should draw caution to the line drawing work. Check the timber to be cut and check the size by each dimension. Cut it to the checked length. When you have finished drawing the line with the correct dimensions, use the wheel marking gauge to display the tenon joint. I can not see the line because it is a drawn line with a knife, but the part where the hatching part is to be cut off The sypher joint part also marks the line using the marking gauge. This major part of the line drawing work has been completed. It is sawing and chisel work from now on. The most important part of this work is the question of which side of the line to cut. When sawing, depending on which part of the line the saw cuts, Because it is determined on whether the tenon joint is tight or loose. I am now working on selling tenon joint holes using the chisel. Learn how to make a hole. Now is the way to put a miter joint. Please refer to it because it repeats many times. This scene shows how to make a dovetail joint using a chisel. Thus, one tenon joint of the column was completed. Tenon joint holes take a long time to break. So I made a hole using my own chisel mortise. When you insert a mitre joint, you can easily make it by cutting it with a knife and then cutting it into a chisel. I’m sorting out the messy holes that I made with chisel mortise. When you chisel the mitre joint part, leave the line at the top. And, when it goes down and slants inward at an angle, there is no gap in the interlocking part. When sawing, sawing is done based on the line of the cut-out portion. When chiseling, first chiseling in the wood grain direction. Can then quickly and easily make a sypher joint. Afterward, I will also share how to make a chair. The pillar was completed by almost 50%. Ceiling and floor sypher joint work. This is how to make a tenon joint of the mitre joint part. The sawing of the miter joint part saws inward at the bottom while leaving the line at the top. This is so as not to create a gap when the miter portion engages. These are interlocked and intertwined. Of course, it is strong. Sawing the saw at a slight angle inward, as shown now. The frame part is now almost complete. Now create a halving joint that will be connected to each other. Determine the position of the part where the plate to be a wall is to be fitted and cut out. Determine the location of the log frame of the floor and the checkered ceiling of the ceiling and trim it with chisel. First cut the grooves into which the plate is to be fitted using a table saw. Next, use a trimmer to make the groove as deep as the plate. The frame is complete. It will be well assembled. First, the floor frame is assembled to make the floor. Like this, the floor frame was assembled. Create a log frame to support the floorboard. It is part of checkered ceiling. It is a very small house and everything is there. Finish using electric sander and trimmer. So it is fitted with a hash shape. Use the louvers to create an exterior wall. Cedar board is used to make inner board. Originally, I tried to use the fire tree, but because it is expensive Next to the fire tree was a cedar plate with a lot of phytoncides. Now all the exterior is finished. I need so many exteriors to make a small room. Assemble the floorboard. After assembly, the bottom is difficult to paint. Therefore, I paint in advance. Also, considering the health of the person studying, the outside was closed with a water-based varnish and the inside was closed with Butcher block oil. Upload this part so far. The video will be uploaded in three parts as production, assembly, and door production. The next part assembly part will be uploaded together with the wiring work. To expect.
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