URGENT #Covid19 ITALY – “We have been locked in the house with my DEAD sister for 24 hours” SUBTITLE

URGENT #Covid19 ITALY – “We have been locked in the house with my DEAD sister for 24 hours” SUBTITLE

Good evening. I’ve reached the point where I have to make
this video message for the good of Italy and of Naples. Yesterday my sister died. There’s a possibility Covid-19 was the cause
of death. I’ve been waiting for the results of her test
for the virus since last night. Nobody has done anything (to move things along
or help him). This video is very hard-hitting. Please do not let children or the elderly
watch it. Despite all the pain I am in, I am forced
to fight back against this situation. My sister is here with me in this bed, dead. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I cannot give her the respect she deserves
(by this he means in terms of how we should treat the dead) because I have been abandoned
by the institutions. I’ve contacted everyone. I won’t name names for now, but nobody has
responded. I am waiting for a response from the local
emergency services because last night, at my stern request (indicating this was the
sole reason) they took a swab to check her for Coronavirus. Because they did not want to test her. They refused to take a swab from me, they
said first they needed to confirm whether she was infected and then they would check
me. I have made the choice to self-isolate, but
i could’ve gone anywhere i wanted in the village today, could’ve infected anyone. To try and keep my sister alive, i gave her
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And nobody gives a damn. Nobody is calling or responding. The first person I called was my sister’s
doctor, her treating doctor. He didn’t give a damn. He didn’t even come to the house to check
on her. My sister had a form of epilepsy. She was in an at-risk category. And nobody gave a damn. We are ruined (can also mean done for), guys. Italy has abandoned us. Please, everybody, share this video. Share it everywhere. Let’s make it go viral. I want a response. Thanks

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  1. Just before I watched this the youtuber Metatron (a Roman/medieval history/fantasy kinda channel) just uploaded a video. He is in southern Italy but became ill on flight FROM NY to Lisbon and is in home isolation. Doctors refuse to test him only want to test people under respiratory duress.

  2. It's a horrible situation for all countries impacted by the virus.
    It's not that no one cares, it's that all healthcare workers are overburdened and many getting infected themselves trying to help people.
    It's just a very sad, tragic situation happening all over the world and we need to try not to turn on each other. That will only make life more miserable for everyone.

  3. I did not understand one word he said but his eyes and passion said it all. I hope his govt helps and gives the sister,daughter friend , countryman the respect she deserves. Prayers to the Family and country. And I am not a religious person nor have I prayed for someone in many years. This is going to get very bad. Stay safe everyone and be as prepared as you can.

  4. I feel so sorry for him, trying to save his sister and no one helps him. He can't even get tested after giving her CPR.

  5. I am so sad for ur sister my bro the god helps u n the other patients who want to have their heathy back dont drink alcohol dont smoke i dont say if u got this virus u will be all right what i wrote after this sentence but do these things eat black sesame drink apple cider vinegar propolis eat kapia pepper n take antibiotic not to have flu because u r also in risc pray the god helps you😐

  6. Please write down your contact details (address, phone number). I can mail the medicine to you. I don't know if it will help you effectively, but I will try my best.

  7. Doesn't make any sense, for if she were sick, then why didn't she go to hospital in the first place? Why wait till she was almost dead and then full dead before seeking help?

  8. They created the Virus so it can infect all the people all over the world and kill 80% of the worlds Population.
    And Keep the planet for themselves.

  9. I will record this incase youtube takes it down.
    You will get through this I am truly sorry about this.
    Shall your sister rest in peace

  10. This is totally insan how can the italian authorities leave a live man with a deadbody in isolation. I feel hear broken.
    I want to know what happened next with him and his sister?

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