Turning scrap wood into 3 awesome DIY home decor  flower vase

Turning scrap wood into 3 awesome DIY home decor flower vase

Hey Guys, In this video I am going to make
a few flower vases which can be planted with live plants or artificial ones. I will be using scrap wood and some inexpensive, easily available materials for this project These are ideas that any beginner or a weekend enthusiast can try. You will be seeing me use some power
tools in this video, I have them so I use them But simple hand tools can help you achieve similar results or even better for that matter. I am Josh and you are watching my DIY channel Videoeppo. Before I start let me promote my channel for 10 secs, I make a lot of random things on my channel. Music instruments, woodworking, blacksmithing, gardening, science experiments, toys…there is a wide range of videos and I am sure there is one for your liking. Subscribe to my channel video eppo and gently press the bell icon too Just so …you will be notified when
I upload new videos Now for this video, let me start with something
simple. This is a plank of wood salvaged from a pallet and these are PVC clips. This clip accommodates ¾ inch PVC pipes These clips are used to hold PVC pipes on the wall. The vase is going to be these large size test tube which are ¾ inches as well PVC pipes can be pressed hard on this clips and they snap into their place The same cannot be done with a glass test tube. The bottom of the test tube is smooth and rounded and hence can be slid into the clips. the plank was measured,marked and cut to desired size. NO measurement here, cause I am just improvising as I move along I will be making two types of vase here. One is going to be single tube and the other with multiple tubes. The PVC clips are were not available in black, so a coat of black spray paint should be able to get me the look I desire. Once the paint is dry, all we need to do is screw these clips in place. Also note that these clips can be attached to one another in series with the provided slots I prefer having some space between them so I fixed them a little apart. Once the clips are fixed, the tubes can be
slid in its place. I did that for the other one too. once done,the tubes can be removed. This setup can be hung or screw on the walls. We can insert the tubes, fill it water and
place a stem of money plant. Some of you might say they is not much space for the roots, which is true. But plants which get enough nutrition don’t develop bigger roots and can be occasionally trimmed as well. Now let us try and make a table top version of the same idea using these test tubes. Again we take a plank, square and withouta bow. Then I cut into four pieces. The corner were cut with a 45 degree bevel. This is nothing but a box without a top and a bottom. A simple butt joint can work, but a 45 degree bevel, In this case, makes a massive difference
in look. Marks were made for the pilot holes, wide
apart to accommodate 3 test tube of ¾ inch. After making the holes, all the pieces were sanded to clear the splinters. This is a technique I have seen in a lot of
wood working videos. This is the first time I am trying it out I will shut up for a while
and you can see it yourself. I let the box dry for 24 hrs.Then I went with the usual drill of sanding and chamfering out the dress Once I was happy with the results, it was time for oiling the wood. The vase it almost complete. Let’s us add some life into it. Quite literally.Water is life! Let us add some money plants into it. For the third vase, I will be using a plank
of wood, a twig and a coconut shell. The twig will be placed on the plank and hence a suitable hole needs to be drilled on the plank. It doesn’t really matter if the hole is not the exact size of the twigs base. We can reshape the twig according to hole we have made on the plank. The plank was sanded as usual and I chamfered the edges as well. The coconut shell needs to be sanded too This shell will be hung from the twig. I am planning to make three holes on the shell. The shell is almost round. So I traced the shape of the shell on a paper and marked the placement for the holes . Once I made the holes, the twig was inserted in the hole and glued on to it. I am using fishing line to tie the coconut
shell and suspend it. The shell was then filled with potting mix and then I suspended the shell from the twig. Then I planted the shell with some indoor
decorative plants To sum the video, I made three different planters and I used scarp wood and some easily available materials. Most of the people keep money plants
in bottles, I just took it a notch further or may be even complicated it! That may something you might feel. You could be frank and let me know of which is the idea you liked or disliked, which is the one you will try? I could not accommodate all of the scrap wood ideas concepts in to one video so watch for thenext one. I am sure
you will enjoy it Please do share this video, thanks a lot for watching this one. See you in the next video. Bye

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