This Beam Bench Has The Nicest View in Town / Making Bench From Old Oak Beams

This Beam Bench Has The Nicest View in Town / Making Bench From Old Oak Beams

Not so long ago I got these oak beams
I thought they look really cool and I decided to make a bench and when I put
beams together I thought it would be really cool if this bench would have a
storage like a hidden storage not visible from the outside this way not
only I will have useful space but I will also reduce the overall weight removing
material from the inside by carving or similar it would take me forever there
are only two sides of each beam that are visible and if I cut one side off cut
rest on the bandsaw and glue the side back on beam will look the same reclaim wood can be full of surprises
last time I cut through actual bullet you can check my Instagram for video
clip with careful alignment this cut will be
invisible in the end before gluing beams together i shaped and send the inner
edges of each beam this way it will look more natural because beams don’t have a
flat surface I made this little track with straight edge it works similar as a
plunge saw track bench is standing on the metal base for this I’m using metal
plates that I cut to size obviously I’m not very good welder so thank’s god for my
angle grinder he’ll take care of it once metal base is installed gap from
the lid will be totally invisible there will be no sign that this can be opened I use very thin handsaw so the cut line
is as thin as possible at the beginning I was quite optimistic but all of that
faded away quite soon becouse these oak beams are really really hard to have hidden
lid wasn’t important anymore from the remaining pieces that I cut in the
beginning I cut out two pieces which will be the part of the base before finish is applied all surfaces
needs to be brushed for that I’m using regular steel brush wheel I applied one coat of stain that I found
in my cabinet and after everything has dried I put three coats of semi-gloss
lock so this is the latest edition for our
cellar and as I said with the nicest view in town hopefully most of you guys will
get the joke let me know what you think in the comments below hit the like
button and as always thank you for watching

44 thoughts on “This Beam Bench Has The Nicest View in Town / Making Bench From Old Oak Beams”

  1. Yet again another great video I'm glad that I'm a subscriber I no longer have to go hunting around to find content that I love to see, well done and looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for the next video.

  2. Wow!! This is beautifully done Sir!! Love it !!! Thank you Sir. sky is the limit for imagination and then putting it into shape and it turns into something unique and the only piece in the universe 😊

  3. Now that’s a nice looking bench! And I agree that’s the nicest view, but now I’m hungry lol I wish I could sit on that bench with some bread and eat some of that salami 😉

  4. Dear Uros,
    What an clever concept that certainly catches the eye. Even though you had to use a jigsaw for the opening, it still is very well executed. I look forward to seeing more exciting projects this year. happy New year 2020. Kind regards.

  5. So ….. "the invisible lid suddenly wasn't so important". I had a good laugh. A brilliant video and a brilliant design and a brilliant result too.
    Keep 'er lit Bro!

  6. Njama, salame se že sušijo 🙂 Moje so že skoraj suhe. Legendarna klopca! Pa vidim, da bo še za kak projekt 🙂

  7. Increase the amperage on your welding machine by about 5-15 amps and keep the welding rods warm, it should make your welds a little better

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