The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

– Oh my God. What even is this? It’s Without Instructions! IKEA Edition. – Mine’s upside down. Today we are building IKEA
furniture without instructions. – Yeah, I’m sweating. This has been one of the
most requested videos we’ve ever had for The Try Guys. – It’s kind of a sequel to our hit series, Without a Recipe, which this last season, I won everything,
(airhorn) just everything. First, first, first, little bit of second. So, this is my competition
to lose right now. – And the winner is getting
the fabled IKEA meatballs, wow. We’re making it small and cheap first to see if we wanna do them
like big and for real. So, if you like it then we’ll
(makes explosion sound). (dramatic music) (hammering) – [Woman] When was the last time you built a piece of IKEA furniture? – (laughs) Oh, I don’t build
IKEA furniture anymore. No, Ariel does most of it, yeah. – I have put together so many dressers. If this is a dresser
challenge today, I got this. I know how you put that thing
in, you’ve got that circle, and it goes (makes screwing sound). – In college, I bought
one of those loft beds where you can fit a desk underneath. I didn’t have any tools
so it took me 20 hours, but I assembled it with a knife. – I’m not a handy man, you know? These hands are soft. They haven’t worked a day in their lives and I wanna keep it that way. – I’m Sam, I am the assistant production coordinator here with The Try Guys. For the past year, I’ve been their P.A. and so I have built them a hell
of a lot of IKEA furniture. I spent probably a week researching to see what was the most complex,
and we stumbled upon this. – [Woman] Do you wanna
know what we’re building? – I, who cares? (laughs) – I would love to know. We get to find out what we’re building? What’re we building? – It’s a. (laughter) – Stuva Fritids, Stuva Grundlig. – This is not helpful,
I’m not even convinced this is Swedish. – It’s called the Stuva. It’s a kid’s wardrobe. It has two doors and three drawers. Every guy has four hours to
build their IKEA product. And they have the exact
same materials to do it. In addition, every 15
minutes, all of the guys will have to draw a help or a hindrance from our IKEA bag of mystery. (eerie music) It should be fun. – Let’s get IKEA-ing! (jazz music slowly fades) I thought that would sound better. (birds chirping) – [Woman] You can open your
eyes in three, two, one. – Oh my God!
– Oh! – Oh, I like it, it’s sleek,
it feels fresh, it feels fun. You know, I think I’ll do pretty well. Am I going to get frustrated? Of course, but I’m gonna try
to not to get too frustrated, because I know with IKEA,
if you get frustrated, you’ll only make more mistakes. – How come they all have
fun colors and I got this all white bullshit?
– Oh your color is fun. It’s white. Ready, yes.
– Ready, set, go! – Go!
– Ah! – This is a brand new series you know! Cooking’s a whole different
thing without instructions. I could be the perennial champ. I’m feeling good about this. I’m getting those meatballs. – [Keith] Okay, this is a drawer. – Oh no. – The first thing I always
do is I count the screws to see how many there are,
and I think that’s where they’re gonna get lost the
most, is just being overwhelmed with how many screws and little nuts and bolts that there are. – I like to think of myself as probably a very crafty person. I’m pretty sensitive to design. – So, since it has four
little of these things, that probably means there’s
gonna be four corners. I may not be the best designer, I may not be the most technical, but I am the finest
craftsman of The Try Guys. Oh, I broke my thing! (Keith laughs) No! – Okay, guys, what are
you thinking so far? What have you figured out? – These thin things fit
into some of the slots, kinda. – I did it. – Yeah, I got that, I did that part. That’s pretty good, right? – So, for what they’re building today, we have five different
instruction booklets. – Oh, no, there’s so many
pieces in these things. – [Zach] Am I supposed to have a hammer? – Why are the edges of these curved? – Yeah, why are they sloped like that? Do they go around a circle? – [Sam] There are 68
steps for The Try Guys to build the perfect
Stuva Grundlig Fritids. – Okay, um, (bleep). (upbeat piano music) – You’re putting something into something over there.
– This was made in Portugal! – [Eugene] I’m just trying to fit. – Eugene’s (bleep) doing it, everybody! – [Eugene] I’m fitting
pointing things into holes. – I like this! – [Woman] Ding dong, here
comes the IKEA Fairy. You get to pull a card. – Yes, screwdriver mother (bleep)! – [Keith] Oh wow. – I’m sorry, we aren’t
just given a screwdriver? Oh my God. Candy! (laughter) – Measuring tape, that’s
totally not helpful. (laughter) – Beer me, what? This is the one time I don’t want alcohol. (laughter)
I want a tool. – It is as foreseen. – This is like a tailor’s measuring tape! What, I need to find my neck size? – [Woman] It’s from IKEA. – Oh, this actually looks
pretty good, alright. This could come in handy for bribes. – Here’s what I’m willing to do. If you guys tell me what you’ve learned, I’ll let you use the screwdriver. – These long ones with the
little weird shapey things, they definitely go into this
receivers of drawer heads. And then you put the white
things and you tighten it to it. I know this is how drawers are built.
– That’s a good hint. Here, take a chocolate. – Thanks, bro. – So you’re saying this is the only thing that could fit in there. – Oh, this candy’s terrible! – There’s not enough room. – [Sam] The biggest thing
that they’re gonna need to put together is called the Stuva, which is the frame for the whole piece. – I believe we’re making a cabinet. It’s a cabinet, it’s got drawers. This is for the bottom of the cabinet, which means all of this,
which came together, is for the main body build. – They really need to start
with this because if they don’t start with this, I think
they’ll be really lost and they can’t really
go further without doing this big main portion. – I think putting the frame
together is a mistake. So, I’m gonna start with the drawer. – Yeah, the drawers might be hard for them to fully assemble. – Eugene, you look like, you feel like you’re really crushing it over there. – I’ve just been trying
to figure out exactly which things go into which holes and then piecing from there. – Nice. – ♪ Every sexual joke must be taken. ♪ ♪ Every sexual moment is mistaken. ♪ ♪ Every time you make a drawer
you got to fill a hole. ♪ – ♪ Fill a hole! ♪ – [Woman] Guys, you know what time it is. It’s IKEA Fairy time!
(musical chime) – I’ve done nothing, I’ve
accomplished nothing. I’ve done nothing in 30 minutes. There’s no fairy, there’s
no time for fairies. – You got a screwdriver! – Yeah, but I’m not ready for it! – [Keith] But you had a great, you got the good thing.
– Shot! I don’t want alcohol,
I need a screwdriver. (laughter)
I need, like, an actual screwdriver. – Goggles, oh, great! – Cutoffs. What’s that? – (laughs) Screwdriver! – [Woman] But that’s
a special screwdriver. I’ll be right back. – Oh, thanks! – [Woman] Here’s your
special screwdriver, Zach. – Thank you.
– Oh, boy! – [Woman] Ned, you have to make jean cutoffs.
– Not gonna drink this. – There’s one thing about
building IKEA furniture, is it needs some booty shorts. I chose this length for the breathability! And the booty! I do need my belt back, though. These are like 36s. Time to distract the competition. Just need to bend over and
get this screwdriver, here. – Oh my goodness, I had
an idea of what to do, but now I’m just so flustered
I’ve forgotten everything! (upbeat music) (banging) – I can use my jean cutoff
scissors as a screwdriver! – [Keith] You could! Yeah, no, all these screws
are all screw driver screws. – I’m used to using weird stuff to try to shove things into holes. – It’s good content. (light music) – I’ve, once again, accomplished nothing. Hey, cutoffs! – Shot. (grunts) – Hard hat, well I’m really
getting cute, aren’t I? – [Woman] You are! – Hard hat, I don’t want that. (crash) – Oh, geez! – Sorry! – This is Svedka, the only Swedish vodka? – It’s Absolut.
– Oh, I didn’t know that was from Sweden. – Where are those, Ned,
I need those scissors. I feel like I was just getting progress, – Ah!
– now I gotta do this. – Smooth like a moose! – Moment of truth. – Perfect! – I think I did it!
– You did it! – Yeah! – You’re all done!
– All right! – Am I done now? – [Ned] Ooh, that vodka is hitting me. (light music) – You calling a task rabbit or something? – Yeah, I’m gonna see. I’m ready to book right now. It’s not against the rules. (laughter) I’m gonna call this a medium
task, two to three hours, no vehicle required. – I never thought I’d
be back in the closet, but, here we go. (upbeat jazz music) – Okay, Jabari is $50.58 an hour, it’s considered a great value. – That’s actually the
easiest part ’cause the parts obviously fit a very
specific way with the doors. – Shit, I can’t get anyone
before three o’clock. – (beep) Look at these,
there’s no hammers, so you just gotta use your hands! – If this was the 90s, I’d say I feel like a real man, right now. But, I feel like a real woman. – There’s no way that’s what it is! (laughs) It’s crazy, Eugene, it’s crazy! – Where is my third drawer set? I got one, two, and then I
need the roly set for this. Did someone, did someone, Zach is that my roly set? – Uh, no, I think I just
have four ’cause I’m special. Okay, I’m gonna give this to
you, but if anything happens, – One.
– Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Why you all up in my space?
– Okay, okay! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – One, two,
– I got a very organized set over here.
– Three. (magical chimes)
– All right, it’s been an hour. – Safety vest! – Paint! I’ll take paint! – Safety vest, ah. I am gonna look good. – Gloves.
– Gloves? – [Ned] Have you guys figured out how to tighten these side things? – We’re not gonna win this time, but you know, your support means a lot. – Not this time. (laughter) Here are two drawers, finished drawers. (upbeat music) (bleep) – I’m starting over! (upbeat music) (banging) – [Eugene] No! – I need a flathead screwdriver! – [Keith] We really do. – I’m about to get a
knife, that’s what I need, I need a knife. – How’s this angle for ya? – [Man] Really good. – Ah-ha! Screwdriver. Ooh, I did it. Oh, that feels better. – Do we all have butter knives?
– That feels better. – [Eugene] Gloves. (magical chimes)
– The full instructions, oh my God, a hammer. – [Woman] Oh, cool.
– I’ll take a hammer. – [Keith] A hammer this
late, who needs it? Cutoffs, we got it,
that’s what she wanted. – Paint. – Now, that’s a look! – Oh, yeah!
– I got one of them on. I’m also celebrating. – Oh no! Oh no, I broke my bottom. – Fritids! (laughs) So this is like attaching the door pieces and in order to actually attach the doors they’re gonna have to have
something to attach it to. So, again going back to
if they don’t assemble the whole frame, they won’t
have anything to put it into. I’m confident that if
they can build the frame, they’ll be able to actually do it. ‘Cause after that, it’s,
I think, fairly simple. – How close is Ned’s butt to my head? (magical chimes)
Pretty close? Screwdriver! – [Woman] That’s a good turn. – I know, that’s what
I am excited about it. I feel like I’m ready to start drinking. Mm, all the vodka’s sitting
right on top. (laughs) – Pick something, Eugene.
– Cutoffs. – One page! – Doing good, everybody,
everybody’s doing great. Ned, looking hot! Zach, it looks like things
are really coming together. (upbeat jazz music) (woman laughs) – Oh, that changes things. – [Keith] Ned, I’m gonna
flip this on it’s back, I don’t wanna clip ya. – Hard hat! All right, time to erect my shelf. – Oh, gross. (Ned grunts) I think that looks pretty good. There’s, like, a little bit of space here which means maybe I
made my drawer too deep. – (bleep) (bleep) (laughs) Why? – That definitely is not the right spot. Do you see this? I have a big old gap between my drawers. – Like I’m just trying to
get this on and this on, but I can’t, the pegs are
getting in the way of each other. And what the (bleep) am I doing wrong? – All right, we got a box, huh? Now, if you got an imagination,
it could be a boat. – All right, let’s double check this. – Or maybe I’m an astronaut, ooh! Oh, maybe I’m in a Thai fighter. Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew. – [Ned] I still have a
(bleep) gap between my shit! (Ned screams) (classical music) – You know what, guys, I’m
really impressed with all of us. You know, we had no
instructions, a lot of pieces, three of everything, and we’re done, we’re figuring it out. – Come on, baby, come on, let’s go. Come on. – Wow, from behind, it looks great. – What the shit? Why would it not? – What’s happening, Ned? – Am I missing something here? – Oh, yeah. Ooh, that’s thick. – [Ned] Oh, didn’t expect that. You know why? Because you can’t (bleep)
hammer these little things in. Since you’ve sort of given up, can I have one of your
white circle thingys? – Yeah, but what’s in it for me? – I, you know, nothing. – I’ll do that if you
credit me as a co-creator on your piece. – The best I’m getting now is third. I’m not giving half of
my third place away. – [Zach] Well, there’s, we’re all– – No, it doesn’t matter, you were right. Actually, what you said reminded me I really don’t need it,
it’s sort of futile. – You know what, Zach? I do need some help. – Yeah?
– And if I win, we can split it. – I’d be thrilled.
– Okay. – What do you need, my man? – I need you to hold this orange door while I screw in this thing, because it’s really hard to hold it and screw at the same time. – Oh, I have instructions
for this part, too. – Wait, really?
– Yeah. – [Woman] You painted
the word pain over it. – Oh, right, I painted over
the instructions. (laughs) Well, the instructions are
now an original art piece that I’m hoping will get me in to MoMA. Wow, are you getting a
close up of Ned’s face, he looks crazy. – I’m gonna see if I can
do this and it’ll be done. – [Zach] Shit, we have to beat Eugene. – [Ned] It doesn’t matter. – [Zach] As long as we
get one on, we’re good. – Done!
– Done! We were done first, we were done first. – Wow! – [Woman] Eugene, what’s
that pile next to you? – That’s Keith’s stuff. – Also done, me and Zach are done. But I think it was a sec before Eugene ’cause, we didn’t say done
but we were done, done if you check the tape. – Done!
– Done! It was a team effort. – Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo! – Oh God, Zach! (Zach laughs) Now it’s time for us to be judged. – So, today you will be
judged on completion, creativity and functionality. You guys built kid’s wardrobes today. That’s what the final
product was supposed to be. – Ah!
– No kid should build this. – I’m gonna start with Eugene. Yeah, this is incredible,
I’m very impressed. You were the only one who
did it in the right order. – Wow!
– So, you were definitely supposed to build the frame first, and out of everybody, you did that. – Sam, is it creative? – Um, let’s move on. – Great, Sam, I’m so
glad you’re here today. By the way, I noticed you
got a haircut recently, it looks beautiful. (laughter) You look great, now–
– Thanks. – This is a child’s wardrobe. I think throughout the
process of creating, I was the only one truly
behaving like a child. I played in the box, it was
a rocket ship, it was a boat. And when I got too
tired, much like a child, I decided to rest. And I thought a chair,
well, that’s awfully nice. Plus, it sounds great in here. – [Sam] The more I look
at it, the more I like it. – Amazing, thank you so much.
– Yeah, thank you. – Sam, welcome, let me take
you on a waltz of imagination. – Ooh!
– Unlike Eugene’s, just by the book, super not creative wardrobe, mine has a whimsical
structure, so that visually when you see it, you think oh, it’s fun. – You know I am a big, big fan of a furniture piece that
is just slightly incorrect. I feel like it gives it a
little bit of personality. Yeah, no I think this is great. – Samuel, welcome. With this piece, I wanted to showcase how the construction made me feel, while also embodying the wish fulfillment of what you wish you could sometimes do during a frustrating IKEA project. – [Sam] This is lovely,
I’m enamored by it. Out of all the pieces
that I’ve seen today, you took something and made it into something completely different. Alright fellas, so, I’ve made my decision. – For all the meatballs! – In third place, because
I’m gonna give it a tie. (group gasps) I know, in third place, a tie between Zach – And Ned, wow.
– And Keith. (laughter) – Oh, oh, okay, sure. I guess, yeah. – You each get one meatball.
– Thank you so much. – I am stunned, truly, I
thought that I had this, but respectfully disagree,
thank you, judge. – The winner of today’s
IKEA Without Instruction challenge is (symbol crashes) Eugene!
– Whoa! – You are the winner, you get all of the meatballs! – And Zach, with half of
my second place points, that means you officially passed Keith! – Yeah! Okay, I’ll take it! – What are we gonna build next? Maybe a chair? Maybe a table? – Comment below! – Maybe we’ll design a dress, who knows! Let us know what you think we should do without instructions. (electronic music) – I can’t close my mouth. (upbeat music) Oh, look at this! They were just trying to move this and it started to break on them. Perfect, Eugene! We’re calling him out. See, see! He’s no better than us,
he’s no better than us!

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