Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna PARODY! Key of Awesome #83

Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna PARODY! Key of Awesome #83

[SHAKIRA & RIHANNA in “I Keep Forgetting to Mis-Remember to Un-Forget the Title of This Song”] ♫ I sing like a goat
The frog in my throat ♫ ♫ Has lived there for years
And he makes me sing this way ♫ ♫ I set up a bed
Down by the steps ♫ ♫ So when I run down stairs
I don’t crash and smash my head ♫ ♫ I really have to pee now
But I cannot leave because I’m waiting for Rihanna ♫ ♫ Where’s that ho? ♫ ♫ This is our girls night
I sent her an e-vite ♫ ♫ To have a slumber party
At my house ♫ ♫ Oh, oh, ooh, oh, oh
I’m very frio [cold]! ♫ ♫ I keep forgetting to put clothes on ♫ ♫ Rock and roll! Guitar solo!
I had to start a band with no one ♫ ♫ The evil throat froggy
He put a curse on me ♫ ♫ Now I must live in this big house alone ♫ ♫ Hey Rihanna!
Where the hell are ya? ♫ ♫ Don’t piss me off or I’ll unfriend you ♫ ♫ Sorry, I’m late
I was harassed at the gate ♫ ♫ Your house is a maze
Don’t know why you need all this space ♫ ♫ We’re smoking in bed
Bitching ’bout men ♫ ♫ Our asses look great
But we can’t find a decent mate ♫ ♫ It really makes me feel bad
Got issues with my dad ♫ ♫ And it makes me date such assholes ♫ ♫ Oh, not again!
Let’s play a board game ♫ ♫ Like Scattergories
And I will make us nachos ♫ ♫ Where did she go?
Hey, Rihanna, I think I lost ya ♫ ♫ I took a wrong turn at the bathroom ♫
– Make a left! ♫ Hey, Shakira
I cannot hear ya ♫ ♫ Just stay put, my butt will find your butt ♫ ♫ Communicate with me
With ass telepathy ♫ ♫ Now we’re dry humping the dry wall ♫ ♫ Why can’t I rebound
From stupid Chris Brown? ♫ ♫ You keep forgetting he’s an ass clown ♫ ♫ I’d kill, and I’d steal,
And I’d cheat on my taxes ♫ ♫ And french kiss a frog for that boy ♫
♫ Really? ♫ ♫ I’d eat a fart sandwich and lie down in traffic ♫
♫ He battered you like a Nerf toy ♫ ♫ I have a solution, a man substitution
Have you met my friend, the bullfrog? ♫ Just reach down and kiss him
He’ll become a prince ♫ ♫ And he won’t treat you like a lap dog ♫ ♫ Ohh, noo!
[laughs melodically] ♫ ♫ Now the evil frog has cursed you
What is that noise? ♫ ♫ That’s your new voice
And now I sound the way I used to sound ♫ ♫ How do I stop this hell?
This vocal prison cell? ♫ ♫ You have to pass the curse to someone else
Well, this is goodbye ♫ ♫ My hips don’t lie!
You kinda sound like Julie Andrews ♫ Oh, thank you! ♫ “The Key of Awesome” intro ♫ Hey guys!
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  1. Is it just me or anyone else because in the end when the blonde girl's curse goes away and then she looks like gloom

  2. i thought when "Shakira," said "just reach down and kiss him and he'll become a prince and he won't treat you like a lap dog"
    I thought she was trying to say " kiss me"

  3. I cant believe I watched this video,,,,,,wondered why it made me feel this way,,,AND CONTINUED TO THINK I WAS STRAIGHT FOR Y E A R S

  4. Throat Frogs, telepathic arses, “Mary Poppins” reference and nachos.



  5. 0:15 wait what's that cut on the actor's foot? Am I the only one that noticed it? Maybe the previous stair-bed-jump scene went wrong!

  6. When I was like 6 up to 8 I watched this all the time and I would Masterbait to it and I don't no why 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  7. It’s coming up to six years since this was released and I’ve just realised that at the start it says “shakirhiana” and not “sharkira” on the title card

  8. 1:52 "I'd kill and I'd steal and I'd CHEAT ON MY TAXES –"

  9. hahahaahahahaahahahhahaahhaahahahaahahaahahahhahahaahahahahaahahhaahahahaahahaahahhahahahaahahahhaaahahhhahhhhahahahhahahhaahahah

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