Senate Intel Report Debunking Russian Ukraine Story Completed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senate Intel Report Debunking Russian Ukraine Story Completed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Senate Intel Report Debunking Russian Ukraine Story Completed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. They were briefed at the beginning of the year that the theory was coming and that it was Russian propaganda. The Senate Republicans know it and ignored it. ALL HAIL THE NEW OLIGARCHY!

  2. It should be a crime of treason to intentionally spread propaganda from a known American adversary. It should fall under aiding and abetting an enemy, which is exactly what Trump, Rudy, Nunes, and republicans are doing.

  3. It doesn’t matter how many stories are debunked. If you tell Trump supporters that darkness is caused by Jesus literally putting a blanket over the sun, they’ll believe it without questioning it.

  4. A Senate report stating the Ukraine theory is debunked is bad news for Trump. The report may not be released yet gut the entire Senate knows. That Senate also knows that this will see the light of day at some point. Republicans could do the right thing but I don;t think they have it in them.

  5. indeed, with trumputin, all roads lead to russia/putin. and it seems more and more gop politicians are on the same roads. if any senators vote against removal then we will know that they are compromised as well. those senators must be voted out! we need to see that report! ty dr maddow and asst secretary carpenter.

  6. investigation of the last 12 years from the Republicans have all , and without exception , proven to be complete political shams.

  7. If the story about the Bidens and Burisma that appeared in the NYT in 2015 was debunked, then why are the Democrats mad ? Bring in Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to prove in public that the matter of the appearance of impropriety was investigated and debunked. Then if President Trump erred in his suspicions, he owes Biden an apology, but the reaction has been to make it a Political War , and no evidence was provided during the Impeachment Hearings to show that while all agree there was an appearance of impropriety about the Bidens and Burisma, not one witness was able to demonstrate proof that the allegations that appeared in the New York Times in 2015 was false. Then you have to explain how the Ukraine is classified as a place with large amounts of Corruption , but you can rule out the Bidens , who did not appear to act in a prudent manner , in that atmosphere and permitted the reasonable suspicions to end up reported in the NYT, in 2015.

  8. Russia is a shooting-war level enemy in fact, if not in name, right now. After that fun little battle in Syria against Russians last year, you have to wonder who the Republicans are rooting for.
    Doesn't seem to be our troops, otherwise they wouldn't be wearing T-Shirts supporting our enemy. Now, what's that word for someone who supports an enemy???

  9. Trump Nunes Gaetz Pence Barr Pompeo Jordan are the enemy of the American people and friends to Putin who wants to destroy America.

  10. hey, Rachel, why don't you record your own outro? It's always such a shock when Doughy McDoughface comes on at the end of your clips.

  11. I've recognized Republican complicity in Russia's attack on our Democratic Republic ever since Donald Trump was elected and all those Republicans who had been speaking the truth about Trump's being unfit for office all of a sudden did an about face and started supporting him in ALL of his abominable behavior! I think every last one of them should be investigated to see if any "checks" were written to them around that time! I think the results would be quite illuminating!

  12. Before Trump's Asian summit in the Autumn of 2017 there were some Republikkkans, including Lindsey Graham, who were willing to stand up to Trump (and Putin).

    Then Trump has a unscheduled secret meeting with Putin and all the Republikkkans suddenly became subservient to Trump (and Putin).

    We still do not know what Putin told Trump in all those secret meetings.

    If Russia has the capabilities to hack into the DNC computer systems, then the Russians surely have hacked into the Republikkkan's computer systems.

    To make Republikkkans agents of Russia, what dirty little secrets does Putin have on the Republikkkans?

    There needs to be an independent investigation into every Republikkkan traitor in Congress.

  13. Putin has been able to completely overthrow the Republikkkan Party without using any military force. What dirty little secrets does Putin have on the Republikkkan Party?

  14. Really goes to show you how Americans don't really seem to value integrity. You have elected officials spouting Russian propaganda and a President under investigation, and yet Americans just sit there and take it.

  15. Our Country has a History of aiding and abetting undocumented Immigrants and charging the legal Immigrants for the destruction. The History of Americans is to attack, attack, and attack. That's all they know when they are wrong about innocent People. It has NEVER been a mature apology. Never any efficient quick error changes for the lives interrupted. Their immaturity has always been the same. They are so screwed up in the head. Most of them think that they should be the same as when they were in elementary, junior high, high school, and college. If there are any changes. They call one another bipolar. How ignorant is that for People who want power over us. To receive power. Receive a clue to life growth.

  16. Ironic that it’s the trump/Putin trolls spreading the fake Biden story that has helped bring trump to impeachment. 🤔

  17. The reason the go back and forth with the conspiracy is the separate media bubbles. They fully push it on Fox and walk it back on other channels. That way the Fox viewer sees only the push, but the other channel viewers less crazy picture.

  18. Of course it's important for the single and most obvious reason: All Senate committees are in a GOP majority ultimately controlled by the other GOP politician who thinks no rules apply to him.

  19. What a BS hit piece. Ukraine itself convicted several Ukrainian officials in thier court for meddling in the 2016 election and was published Dec 2018 by the NYT, Altantic and 10 other publications in addition to papers all over Europe…ya it hapoened.

  20. The GOP are just a bunch of Russian trolls huddling under a bridge at this point.

    Let's drag every single one of them out in the sunlight and turn them into gravel to reinforce the crumbling roads with.

  21. Trump never wanted to be president….he was targeted by Russian intelligence many years ago and groomed for the presidential office….his plan and their plan is to make him a dictator by destroying democracy the primary enemy of Russia…the new world order will him as the dictator of dictators….

  22. GOP is pushing two. 1) Ukraine interrupted 2016 election. 2) Democrats hate Trump. The both false. I feel sorry for Trump because he is so insecure but do not hate him. I hate what he does though.



  25. Our own president is spreading Russian propaganda. How can people not see that everything traitor Trump does benefits Russia?

  26. "I think I'd take it"": In an exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents
    –Lucien Bruggeman, June 13/19

    “I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump said then.
    “If somebody called from a country, Norway, ‘we have information on your opponent’?
    Oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

    Future headline, Trump:
    "When we can, we try not to betray anyone"

  27. Putin has a foot hold in Americas homeland, and he's running a muck , with help from the Republicans and their dear leader trumpet . The Republic is an experiment that has nearly expired, what will come next . Scary times for the population that is divided not united, sad place at the moment

  28. ALL GOP legislators should now definitively shut their mouth about this distracting Trump-card. Especially Senator Kennedy and his jelly-mouth yappin and yappin about it. Your enemies or rather the enemies of the USA come from Russia snd its network + the White House. And you Sir placed yourself in the network of both.

  29. The " Federalist" Repubdicks are so hateful, vindictive, oppressive and controlling. They are not patriotic at all! But communistic in their desire and behavior on display!

  30. Imagine if people like Jordan, Nunes and tRump actually DID care that Russia is attacking us every day. Let me say it in a language that Moscow Mitch, the GOP and FOX News watching commies apparently really like…" Трамп сосет путинский пенис".

  31. I use to be a republican – these Gopers have taken every shred of real conservatism and burned it at the alter of Trump/Russia. Painful to watch-

  32. Please replay 24/7 the religious VP and POTUS January swearing in cermony to the Office and Constitution of the USA. Both men placed their hands on a Bible and swore to UP HOLD what? Their own personal gain? Their guarantee to win 2020 election, power over the world, turn democracy into a Kingship, destroy Baltimore and that "s–t hold" , bribery and corrupt foreign newly organized countries, make sure Mitch McConnelly never ever pass any of the Democratic proposals, just keep them piled high on his desk forever, do I have to go on? What exactly did the religious VP and POTUS swear to exactly. I am CONFUSED!!!!! I need to see that swearing in ceremony over and over again, maybe I missed something.

  33. Some really smart kid is going figure out they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams, and famous around the world when they shoot Adam Shiff and Nancy Pelosi in the head.

  34. They were all briefed, all were told and sent reports . And GOP says they havent seen it or read it .
    These are politicians we elect to read, look, and see all formal reports…no matter the content . GOP is not reading, not seeing report . Its a lazy lie and for GOP to take that position is weak. They are elected to read and see all things that are natioanl security . So when theGOPsays i didnt read , or dont have or wasnt briefed..they are liats . They kniw uts truth and still lies for trump and russia . JUST EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY IS RUSSIA FUNNELING INTO THEIR ACVOUNTS OR EVEN THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ACCOUNT? .

  35. Putin pulled it off! Putin installed his puppet. Funneled cash to republicans through the N.R.A., and oligarchs, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Miss Lindsay Graham, Nines, Jordan, Pence, Barr, and the rest.


  37. MSNBC has no right to exist as a news organization. Completely fake news and audience numbers in free fall. Sad. Rachel is full of self-loathing.

  38. Your “ lier and thief” must go!! He’s bringing down the country!and it reflects on the world!educate your uneducated!!

  39. All these Republicans should have engraved on their tombstones that they were traitors to the USA, the Constitution and The People. They won't die for a long time but this will never be forgotten,

  40. I can’t believe that Trump and GOP trusts a former KGB agent and adversary of US more than their own intelligence agencies and doing their bidding by perpetuating their lies.

  41. Perhaps the Senate Intel Committee report will affect the course of the Senate impeachment trial, in particular whether defense witnesses aren't called because they're ruled irrelevant, and lines of testimony are blocked because they're ruled irrelevant.

  42. How does Trump giving the Ukraine weapons (that Obama wouldn't) to fight Russia make him a Russian asset? Makes NO sense.

  43. She's been bitter since seventh grade. What happened to… Russia, Russia, Russia, tick, tick, tick, the walls are closing in, Mueller report will finish him, beginning of the end And Clinton will win, for sure? Nothing but she's still bitter.

  44. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍻.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍.

  45. You mean all hail the new orange jumper's. Their voter's are going to show them who is king. They need to all resign.

  46. Will what does that mean they Debunked 9-11 when there is so much evidence it a joke. Watch this video with Popular Mechanics trying to Debunk 9-11.
    ( 9-11 50 Questions They can't Answers ) youtube.

  47. Is Moscow Mitch sitting on this as well ? The pile of bills and reports are getting quite tall. Reckon he needs a ladder to get up there.

  48. What will the Republicans do when Trump's gone. Will they still support these debunked conspiracy's or just try to ignore them and pretend all this never happened. Tough luck it's all on video for history to remind them what traitors they were and still are…

  49. Call Trump Donald Trump in most of these Republicans have had their lives handed to them on Silver platters it's going to be so magical to watch them twist in the Wind

  50. Seems like Trump and GOP members stand with Russians over American people . They are spreading KGB disinformation propaganda conspiracy theories that help Trump and Putin . They have lost any sense respect they had left . The GOP party is party of Trump /Putin administration . Trump has done everything too help Putin in everything he wanted . The whole GOP party is on the Russian Propaganda band wagon it sure seems. Vote in 2020 for Dems in every race . Then we can take back America from radical GOP regime . They are deraliction of duty austounds me . They all are complacent in Trump's crimes against America and it's Consstitution daily basis.

  51. The Republicans don't think the law price of them because their entire lives they've broken the law and it's never affected them it's good to be rich kids

  52. Just remember if you had done one of these acts Trump has done you would never see the light of day again because you would be in prison forever

  53. So basically dumb dumb Donnie and Moscow Mitch f*** the nation and sold us out and sadly probably not even to the highest bidder

  54. Why did MSNBC suddenly shorten all of their videos to 2-5 minutes? It’s a little maddening that they keep ending right when the conversation gets going.

  55. At a staff meeting of marketing managers someone advanced
    the idea, what if we could get a recent retired much-admired athlete to pitch
    our product on television, good idea, they all agreed. One was called in for an
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    appearance with blond dyed hair, success, a boat load of products were pitched
    and sold. Fast forward to a low rated televised newscast, the makeover
    department was called in to do what they do so well, the ratings picked up,
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    hair, followed by issues leaning toward the right on the political spectrum,
    sure seems so…’Appearance journalism’ now has taken its place in the market
    place, invading the once sacrosanct of truth telling journalism that is no
    longer sacred but like everything else in the market place, suspect…On every
    newscast, the hair dyed now greatly outnumber those that don’t, if any…leaving
    this blogger to lean and to wonder, “who can you trust” among the hair dyed? no

  56. This guy was actually correct on this whole impeachment

  57. Why isn’t anyone talking about the history, connections and influence of Ivana Trump’s father (an informer for the Czech intelligence service) on POTUS?

  58. What is that traitor Giuliani hoping to do?  Even if Biden is guilty, it doesn't make what Trump did any less illegal and impeachable.

  59. RepubliKKKlans are 'kettling' Trump's base. Their biggest fear is that some of these facts and truths will get through to his voters. If only 10% bolt … he is done. So despite repeated reports and statements by those who know, they feel if they just yell loud enough and keep the Fox News straw in their brains, they can hang in till Nov.

  60. since when have facts entered the republican argument?? c'mon. they believe what they want to believe in SPITE of the facts.

  61. Trump adds 266k jobs in Nov. Beating expectations….the dims can't stand it and will do anything to destroy the best economy ever.
    Die of cancer liberals…..👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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