Scrap wood turned into 3 useful things

Scrap wood turned into 3 useful things

My son asked me to buy him a pencil box.I thought why not make one… just that it’s going to be in wood and I will show a couple of more ideas using scrap wood I am Josh and you are watching my channel videoeppo. I have been working with pallet wood for some time,simply because its inexpensive. It is possible to split the pallet wood in
thin pieces luckily for me, I have these wooden runners. which are used as edge banding on plywood which is almost the same thickness. To get an approximate size, I use my geometry box. But this box some how seems a bit smaller for a standard pencil, so I decided to make it bit larger and spacious too. I marked one of these wooden runners for the desired size , and made the straight cuts using a miter box. Using the first piece as a reference, 10 more these runners were cut and I think it should be sufficient for this project . so i have cut 4 pieces for the bottem 4 pieces for the top cover, two that run along the length and 2 that make the width. Nothing here is cut to final size as these
edge banding runners are not consistent in their width . They don’t have to be, because on the plywood,these will trimmed flush using a router. Then, I began gluing the pieces using wood glue. These mini clamps are quite handy for small projects and I would totally recommend it. The links to buy them will be in the description as always. And no…I am not being paid to say this! Adequate weight on top of the pieces should avoid warping. But, I think I messed it up somewhere. After 24 hours I have the top and bottom piece ready. I took both of these pieces to the table saw and trimmed it to the final size. Once cut to final shape the surface of both of these pieces were sanded smooth. Checking the square both horizontally and
vertically the pieces were joined together using super glue.This is only temporary fix, as pin nails will be nailed to box once done. This is only temporary fix, as pin nails will
be nailed to box once done. The bottom part of the box and the top lid
is ready. A mini hinge can be used for the opening and closing of the box. Really tiny slots have to be made to accommodate the hinges and I cannot afford to make a mistake here . It would be easier to screw hinge on the lid first.To get the placement , drop of super glue is placed on the hinge and the top cover pressed on it . The wood is just about 5 mm and hence pre-drilling holes for the screw would avoid splitting of the wood . The top lid is placed where it needs to be
and the based on it, the hinge is attached to the main box. To make the magnetic lock, one half the hinge is cut, in this case, its steel. It might not work if it was brass or something Then I made a slot for the magnet on a piece of wood and fixed it using epoxy. It was sanded enough to accommodate for the metal piece held on the top cover for a close fit . To my surprise, this plan worked.All that was left was a bit more sanding. A little bit of boiled oil enriches the texture of the wood and it makes a huge difference it looks With this, we have a pencil box that is not
made of plastic, customized and looks elegant. I also put my son’s name on a thin aluminum plate and glued it When I presented this box to my son, especially with his name on it… he was really excited and that was a movement . Let’s us move on to the next idea. Not everyone has migrated to wireless way. They still a lot of wires left with us like,micro usb USB 2 USB 3 micro USB, aux cable charging cable ….etc I need to think of a way to store these or hang in a way that looks a
little better the next idea could be the solution. It is now time to cut some pallet wood to
specific size. Then I applied wood glue and made then into a board. Then the edge banding runners were cut at 45 degree bevel to make the frame for the board . Then a picture hook was added to hang this frame on the wall. Time for some art work. I am going to speed up the video and quickly explain what I am doing here. I am going to trace the face of Bob Marley
on the wood. So I place a carbon paper, then place a printout of his image and begin tracing. After roughly tracing the image, I began painting. Once the painting was complete, I nailed on the hair part of the picture with the nails partially standing out . partially standing out. Now we have a good spot to hang the wires. When I made the test tube flower vase, some of friends said that the test tube was not really apt for a plant I listened to them, and hence decided to make one with round bottom laboratory flask. So I cut three pieces of a plank. Two of the pieces have a 45 degree bevel on one side but one of pieces have the bevel on both the sides. Let me show you how it is going to look like when glued together. The top piece needs to be drilled with a hole,big enough for the neck of glass flask to go through . Once the hole was made, I sanded all of the parts and attached them together with wood glue . Then I made pilot holes for the nails and
nailed all parts together . the edges were not aligned properly as the bevel angle i had cut had an error . So, I filled up the gaps using wood filler. Once it dried, the wooden structure was sanded again. It was sanded till the finish was smooth enough,and then oiled it with some hot vegetable oil . Finally we need to fix the flask in its place
since the neck is the same size of the whole something should keep it in its place
The simple way I could think of was to tie some jute threads. Now we can add some water and add a stem of money plant Those were some simple ideas let me know which is the one you like, or dislike for that matter. I have made bunch of different videos on home decor, the links of which you will be in description Thanks for watching, please do share this
video. See you in the next video …bye

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  2. Awesome brother 👌👌are you based in India as I couldnt help notice ' Camel' geometry box😀no issue you don't have to answer that but you do great woodworking. Thanks

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