Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E59 (16 Jan 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E59 (16 Jan 2020)

APPLAUSE Hello, everybody. It is Thursday.
It’s so nearly the end of the week. I’m Richard Osman,
welcome to House Of Games. What a week we are having this week.
I’m joined by four famous faces battling it out
for this infamous trophy. Our players this week
are Andrea McLean, Phil Wang, Rita Simons and Adil Ray. What a week we’re having.
Monday, Phil won. Tuesday, Adil won. Yesterday, Andrea, you won,
and by a country mile as well. Still excited.
Where did that come from? God knows. It was impressive,
though, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? You were tied with Phil
going into that final round. You barely got a question right in that final round all week
and then just…eh, eh, eh. Beautiful to watch. Thank you. You like your wheelie suitcase
that you won? Lovely. Phil, you won on Monday.
Yeah. Haven’t seen you win since. Well, um, I didn’t want to burn out. Well, you’re certainly not burning
out. Yeah, so mission accomplished. Excellent. But today, back on it?
Back to burning. Rita, the only person yet to win but
you’ve been a consistent performer all the way through. No pressure,
but, yeah, I do need to win. It seems, as the week’s going on,
my brain is getting lazier. You’d think I’d get used to it.
You would think so. You would. Not the case. Today is the day. Shall we take a look
at the weekly leaderboard? Cos it’s actually pretty close
between all four of you. Normally, there’s far bigger gaps
than this by Thursday. So it’s anyone’s game for the trophy
there. Adil? Mm-hm? Welcome back. A win on Tuesday. Mm-hm. Shall we take a look at the prizes
for today’s show? Yes. Rita is obviously going to take
one of these home. Obviously. Everyone’s had one apart
from Rita so far. There is the House Of Games onesie,
wash bag, memory stick, alarm clock and the fondue set. Anything there take your fancy? Oh, I quite like the alarm clock.
Oh, really? I quite like waking up
to you in the morning. That’d be lovely, wouldn’t it?
Quite lovely. Shall we get on? It’s been a really,
really close week all week, super close.
Three separate winners so far. We’ll play our first round. As soon as I press this buzzer,
a new round comes up. I never know what it’s going to be, you never know what it’s going
to be. Today it is… We’ve taken House Of Games
and we’ve changed one letter. It’s become Mouse Of Games. First time round, we’re going to
describe some reality TV shows, but we’ve changed
one letter of the title, and this is a synopsis
of that new reality show. You’ll work it out
as soon as we do the first one. It’s not fingers on buzzers. Andrea,
we go to you first. Oh, sorry. Yesterday’s champ. So what show is this? It’s a show that launched in 2000. Oh, I get it! Pig Brother. There we go, well done. OK. Phil, here’s your reality show.
We changed one letter of the title. Oh, Maze In Chelsea. Is right, very well done. Rita, it’s yours now. Which reality show have we changed
a letter of here? It’s X Factor, but you’re changing
one letter of X Factor, so… Oh, I’m amazed at how… No, go on. Time you out? As soon as it’s timed
out, anyone else can buzz in. Look at all three of them. You’re going to kick yourself,
by the way. I know I am. TIME-OUT BUZZER THEN BUZZER
Phil gets it. It is Hop Idol. Oh! I’m thinking X Factor.
No, they were on Pop Idol. Adil, which reality show
have we changed a letter of here? Oh, I can’t remember
the name of the show! Now I get it. I can’t remember
the name of the show! Club… Is it Club something? Can’t believe we’re all poised. Can’t remember the name…
This is so disrespectful… LAUGHTER
..I gotta tell you. Sitting there… I don’t think they’ve got a lot of faith
you’re going to get this. No, I’ll just time out.
As soon as it goes red. As soon as Adil’s thing goes red,
you can buzz in. So we got a buzzer race. We’ll time you out.
TIME-OUT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Rita wins the buzzer race. Geordie Snore. Geordie Snore is right.
From Geordie Shore. Well done. Geordie Shore becomes Geordie Snore.
Sorry. That’s all right. We’re going to go back down the
line. This time we have changed various 1960s films
by one letter. OK? OK. What are these new 1960s films?
Andrea, here’s yours. Has Adil got it? I got it.
Yeah, Adil’s got it. I got it. It’s the name of a James Bond film? I mean, I couldn’t possibly comment. With a bird? Oh! Oh! Ah! OK, um, from Russia With Dove.
From Russia With Dove. Well played. The disappointment…
They all just went, “Oh…” Absolute hyenas. Phil, here is yours. Oh, no. Oh, Adil’s on it. It’s good when you get it.
I know it. Oh… Got to time him out. Come on. It’s been all of four seconds.
This is ridiculous. Can’t just look at me and go,
“Time him out.” Oh, oh, oh! Oh, he’s got it. Um…
You don’t need a buzzer. I don’t. Come on. Sorry, The Italian Jog. Well done. The Italian Job.
Rita, a 1960s film for you. We’ve changed one letter. Oh. No, you’re going
to have to time me out. OK, fingers on buzzers, everybody. We got a buzzer race here
between Andrea and Adil. Before Phil gets it.
Time me out, quick. TIME-OUT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Andrea wins the race. Easy Cider. Easy Rider becomes Easy Cider. Adil, last one in this round.
’60s film for you. We changed the title by one letter. I know the film, but I… See, I know the word,
so tell me the film! How do you know the…?
I know the word. Shall we time you out, Adil? Mink Panther? The Mink Panther,
is that right? It can’t be right. No, I don’t know what… INCORRECT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Phil beats Andrea. The Punk Panther. Oh! APPLAUSE It’s so obvious when you hear it. That’s the end of that round. That
was more fun than it normally is. Thank you, everybody. Let’s see the scores at the end
of Mouse Of Games. Adil yet to get off the mark here. One point for Rita.
Andrea, you have three, Phil, Monday’s winner,
back in the lead, four points. APPLAUSE Round two, we know,
is always a pairs game. And, Adil, you’re in last place,
so you get to choose your partner this time. But shall we see
what the pairs game is first? OK, it’s going to be… Adil, who would you like to play
with? You played with Andrea and Rita, I think. Yes. So far.
Do you want to go with one of those? I’m going to go back with Andrea
cos she’s on a bit of a roll. She’s going…
And we did well last time, so I’m going to team back up
with Andrea, I think. Excellent. Phil and Adil,
if you’ll swap places, please. Don’t let me down now, Andrea.
Pressure! No pressure! Now, in this round,
I regret to inform you, I’m going to ask you
a series of questions. Buzz in if you know
the correct answer, but you will only get a point if your partner then correctly
spells that answer. Oh… Oh, what?
Here’s your first question. BUZZER
Yes, that is Rita. Ah! Panna cotta? No, no. Um, um… I’m afraid I need an answer.
We’ll time you out. Anyone on the other team? TIME-OUT BUZZER THEN BUZZER
Yes, Andrea. Mascarpone. Is that correct? That is correct, so for the point,
Adil, spell mascarpone. M, A, S, C, E… INCORRECT BUZZER
Oh! Unlucky. So let’s take a look
at the rest of it. M-A-S-C… I would have definitely
missed out the second R. I would have missed out the R, yeah. At some point, you’re going
to stumble on that one. Yeah. Almost better to bail out early. Well done if you spelled
mascarpone right at home. Here’s your next question. BUZZER That is Rita. Chumbawamba. Chumbawamba is the correct answer. Phil, for a point,
please spell Chumbawamba. C, H, U, M, B… ..A… ..W, U… INCORRECT BUZZER
Oh! Is it not U? Is it not a U? Isn’t it another W? Chumbawumba? Let’s find out. Is there two Ws? A. That is hard. That is hard. Here is your next one. What’s the answer to this,
and how do you spell it? BUZZER Yes, Andrea. Liaisons. Liaisons is the correct answer.
Adil, spell liaisons, please. L, I… ..A, S… INCORRECT BUZZER
What? Oh! Liaison’s one of those tricky…
There’s another I, isn’t there? Liaisons. Here’s your next question.
Fingers on buzzers, please. What’s the answer,
and how do you spell it? BUZZER Yes, Andrea. Antarctica. It is Antarctica.
Best of luck, Adil. A, N… ..T, A… ..R… ..C… ..T… ..I, C, A. Adil Ray, everybody! Nicely done. Brilliant. How tense is that? It’s Antarctica,
it’s like my life depended on it. LAUGHTER Point to Andrea and Adil there.
Next question. BUZZER Yes, Phil. Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the right answer. Rita, very best of luck
from all of Britain. LAUGHTER Spell chlorophyll. C, L… INCORRECT BUZZER It’s not. Oh! The rest of it, though, is very
much… Where would we go next? O. O. R. O? P. P-H-Y-L. Is it P-H-Y-L, or double L
at the end? Double L. Y-L-L, isn’t it? If it’s a double L, I’ll be happy
cos I wouldn’t have… One L. Oh, two. Two Ls at the end. I wouldn’t have got it anyway. That would have been a bad way
to lose, wouldn’t it, just doing one L? Yeah. The last
question in this round is… BUZZER That is Andrea. Um, er, jodhpurs. Jodhpurs. Adil,
to finish the round in style, I wonder if you could spell jodhpurs
for us? J… ..O… ..D… ..P… INCORRECT BUZZER
Oh! It’s the other way round. Oh, no… Well, you know what? You learn
something new every day, don’t you? Yeah. That’s the end of that round. It’s had a big impact
on the leaderboard. We’ll see that in a second. Adil and Phil,
if you’ll swap back round, please. Let’s take a look
at what it’s done to the scores. “Not much” would be the headline. Nicely done. Three rounds to go. Let’s take
a look at round three, shall we? Today, it’s going to be… Fingers on buzzers. I’m just going
to ask you a series of questions. You need to give me the answer
in alphabetical order, please. So the words of the answer need
to be in alphabetical order. Buzzers fingers on.
Here’s your first question. BUZZER That is Phil. Bear Yogi. Absolutely. Yogi Bear.
In alphabetical order – Bear Yogi. Well done. Point for Phil. BUZZER
Phil. Um…Dibley Of Vicar. Oh, The! INCORRECT BUZZER
Incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Rita. I forgot we could buzz in. Dibley… ..Of The Vicar. It is. Unlucky, Phil. Dibley Of The Vicar.
Well played, Rita. Next question. What is the title of this song? # I believe… # BUZZER
Andrea. Good luck. Oh, my goodness.
I’m going to need an answer. Believe… INCORRECT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Incorrect, I’m afraid. Rita, again. Angels… INCORRECT BUZZER
Incorrect, I’m afraid. Do you want to hear
a little bit more of the song? # I believe # In angels # Something good
in everything I see # I believe… #
BUZZER Phil. I… Oh! LAUGHTER INCORRECT BUZZER That’s a bad start. I think it’s I Have A Dream,
isn’t it? Oh! A Dream Have I? Yeah. A Dream Have I. I like to see people
getting things wrong in three different ways, though. LAUGHTER Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Phil. Lost Paradise. It is, yeah. Paradise Lost
becomes Lost Paradise. Well done. Next one. Who is this? BUZZER Yes, Rita. Cage Nicolas. That’s the right answer.
Well played. What is the title of this song? # Let the Christmas spirit… # BUZZER
Yes, Rita. Erm…Around… ..Christmas… ..Rockin’… ..The Tree. Is it
Around Christmas Rockin’ The Tree? Nicely done. Final question in this round. BUZZER Yes, Andrea. Good luck. Uh… Actually, is it the same? Close Encounters Of The Third Kind?
It’s very much not, I’m so sorry. BUZZER
Rita. Oh, I’m going with… ..Close… ..Encounters… Oh, yeah. ..Kind… ..Of… ..The Third. Done it again. Well played, Rita.
I really need an extra lie down now. That Kind just at the end there
was tripping everybody up. That’s the end of that round,
you will be horrified to hear. Good round for Rita, there.
Let’s take a look at the scores. Here’s how we’re looking. Well played, Phil. Round four is… We call it a nice round cos you can give each other points
in this round. I need each of you to guess
the identity of a book. OK? Andrea, we will start with you. And the way you’re going to guess
that identity is your three opponents are going to look
at the name of that book. Pass that on
to your three opponents. And they are going to write down
on their tablets a one-word clue to what that book is. So you’re
going to hear three words. OK. And hopefully, at the end of that, you’ll be able to guess
the name of a book. If you do, I’m going
to give you a point. OK. But you’ll also give a point to the
person who gives you the best clue. OK. So it’s the Nice Round. Everybody happy?
Phil, what’s the first word? First word is pirates. Rita, the next word? Gold. And, Adil? Gold. You got pirates,
gold and gold. Lots of gold. What could that be? I’ve got absolutely no idea.
I’ll go for Peter Pan. Phil, was it Peter Pan? No. What was the answer? Treasure Island.
Treasure Island. Oh. Of course it was Treasure Island. Do you think you might have got it
from one of those clues, Andrea? Are you in a mood to give away
a point? No. OK. LAUGHTER Phil, respectfully, I would have
given you a point there, but, listen, I’m not playing. No. Phil, it’s your turn now
to guess the name of a book. Your three opponents are going
to write down one word. If you take one of those, Andrea, and pass the other two
to Rita and Adil. Oh, my goodness. Phil, I’d like you to guess
the name of a book, please. Rita, what’s the first word? Arena. Adil, what’s your second word? I’ve gone really lateral
for you here, sorry. Starving. OK. Andrea, what have you done? LAUGHTER So arena, starving and starving. What are you thinking, Phil?
It’s Hunger Games. Is it Hunger Games? Yes. It is, very well done. A point for Phil.
What gave that away to you, or was it a combination or…? It was a combination.
I mean, I got it at starving. I have to say, I got it at starving. OK, so do you want to give a point
to Adil and Andrea? According to the rules, I have to. LAUGHTER You know it’s called the Nice Round,
not the Grudge Round. Point to Phil,
Andrea and Adil there. Thank you, Richard. Rita, chance for you
to get a point here. Your three opponents are going to write down a one-word clue
to a book. Adil, what is Rita’s first word? I’ve gone general, just give you
a gentle start in the right theme. Marriage, says Adil.
Good. That is good. Andrea, what’s the next word? Brooding. Brooding. Marriage,
brooding and, Phil? Corsets. It’s like a Bronte thing,
isn’t it? Emily… ..Bronte. Charlotte… Definitely perio… No idea. Not going to hazard a guess?
Oh, hold on. No. Nope. Can I have a guess? Mm. Yeah. Pride And Prejudice? Yeah. It is Pride And Prejudice. So you immediately think of that as,
um, TV. I was thinking,
as a woman describing to a woman, I was thinking Mr Darcy. Funnily enough, I was thinking
of the wonderful Mr… It was something like that. Yeah. But I didn’t know a title. Adil, your three opponents are going
to give you a one-word clue. Very best of luck. Andrea, what’s the first word? Feral. Feral, says Andrea. Phil. Monsters. Monsters. Remember I’m being
very literal here. No extra clues.
OK, I’m not being literal. You don’t want him
to get it right, don’t forget. Lion. What? I’ve got no idea. I’ve got no
thoughts going on in my mind. Lion, monsters, feral. No. Can I have a guess again?
Have you got it? I think I might have it.
Is it a kid’s book? Is it Where The Wild Things Are? Yes. I don’t even know what that is. That is the end of that round. Ended
pretty well, didn’t it, that round? Tablets away, please, everybody. We’ll see what that round has done
to the scores with one round to go. Oh, dear. Adil on two points,
lagging behind there a little bit, but anybody else is in it. Well played. Final round, as always, is… Let’s take a look
at your first category. It is… There’ll be a clue underneath.
Smash them together, please. Fingers on buzzers.
Correct answer gets you a point. Incorrect answer, we knock a point
off. Could be crucial at this stage. Here’s your first one. BUZZER
That is Rita. Jennifer Grey’s Anatomy.
Oh, that’s so good. Well played. Jennifer Grey
and Grey’s Anatomy. APPLAUSE Next picture, next question. BUZZER That is Phil. Um… Um… I’m so sorry.
No, no, oh, oh, oh! Um… Phil, I’m afraid I’m going
to have to time you out. TIME-OUT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Andrea. Ah! Don’t make me do the same to you. Molly Ringwaldorf Salad. Molly Ringwaldorf Salad
is the right answer. Molly Ringwald… I knew…
You lose a point there, Phil. I had to do it. Oh, my God. If you buzz in, you gotta give me
an answer. I’m so sorry. Here’s your next ’80s star
and your next clue. BUZZER
That is Rita. John Candy Cotton. INCORRECT BUZZER THEN BUZZER It is not, I’m afraid. Phil. John Candyfloss. John Candyfloss is the answer. APPLAUSE John Candyfloss.
Well done if you said that at home. Rita, you lose a point there. Phil,
you gain a point. Lost a point. Horrible, innit? Let’s take a look
at your next category. Those’ll be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath. Here’s your first one. BUZZER
Andrea. Viola… Violola. INCORRECT BUZZER
Violola is incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Rita. Cellola. Cellola is the answer. How am I supposed to know
the difference in size? Here’s your next musical instrument
and your next clue. BUZZER Phil. Saxophone Box. Is it Saxophone Box? INCORRECT BUZZER THEN BUZZER
It’s not, you lose a point. Andrea. Saxopay Phone. It’s not Saxopay Phone, either. You lose a point as well. Rita. Saxophone Booth? Saxophone Booth! Oh, my goodness! The absolute carnage
that has made to the scores, I cannot begin to tell you. Oh, my days. We all knew
what it was. Oh, my days. Next musical instrument, next clue. TIME-UP KLAXON
Time is up. Now, listen, it was pretty close
going into that round, was it not? Yeah. So, genuinely wouldn’t have
a clue as to who has won. On Monday, Phil won. Tuesday, Adil, you won. Wednesday, Andrea, you won. Rita, could you make it
the fourth player, or has someone won their second? Let’s take a look. Who has won
Thursday’s House Of Games? It is… Rita Simons has won!
Brilliant! How about that! That’s brilliant. I mean… And, look,
by one point from Phil as well. And you get yourself a prize
as well. Let’s take a look. What would you like to take home
with you today? Quite frankly, I love a onesie.
Yeah? Going to take…? Going to take the onesie. Lovely.
Rita wins a House Of Games onesie. Congratulations. Love a onesie. This is unprecedented. Four separate
winners in the first four days. Shall we take a little look at
our leaderboard with one day to go? Here’s how we stand. Who’s going
to take home our trophy tomorrow? I mean, it’s pretty close. Tomorrow, Friday,
is double-points Friday. So it’s still anyone’s game. Any one
of you could take home that trophy. You’ve all won a prize
which is absolutely lovely. Very well done to all of you. I’ll see you for the final
same time, same place, tomorrow. We’ll see you as well for the final
tomorrow on House Of Games. APPLAUSE This could be about my fifth onesie.
But by far my favourite. Sexy. Lovely.

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  2. why are they suddenly allowed to buzz in and then do all the thinking on the alphabetical round? Richard has usually shut that shit down real quick, and rightly so

  3. kinda funny how Phil and Rita traded points on using the wrong American/English versions of words. Cotton candy and phonebox

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