100 thoughts on “Rhett Showers at Link’s House”

  1. the angle you guys took with being open and honest about not being completely comfortable vlogging right off the bat (with like the angles and back and forth and everything) is one that really works well. it really makes us feel like we're experiencing this whole experiment together.

  2. Omfg this video seriously broke the 4th wall— I've been listening to you guys talk about Link's one-sided naked stand-off with his neighbor for so long that this video honestly feels like a fever dream. All I could do was cackle and shake my head for 14 minutes straight

    Bravo Meatagain and Bidet Boy… bravo

  3. I'm surprised at how close to reality my mental picture of that bathroom was based off the description from Ear Biscuits.

  4. Vlogs are cool and all but I miss the music and skits. :(. Tbh I'd rather have the weekly vlogs + occasional song/skit combo than the weekly vlog + daily GMM. I'm probably the only one though.

  5. Having listened to the ear biscuits episode where they talk about Link's shower window, I knew exactly what this was going to be about by the title alone lmao

  6. Funny video but I don’t understand why Rhett had to be naked and showering. If he was clothed and just standing in the shower, the experiment would’ve worked the same.

  7. The vlog is a very welcome change up. GMM is starting to get too scripted and expensive. I also love the connection to EB

  8. me rn; wearing gmm merch listening to songs by rhett and link on my alexa while also wearing headphones watching this.

  9. “What’s the point of a window if you can’t look out of it?”


    “Well it was a rhetorical question”

    “There is an answe-”




  10. One thing I can guarantee on,when I watch or listen to anything from y’all…I look like an idiot cackling out loud,despite my surroundings.

  11. The best thing that random guy did was refuse to be in the vid and get replaced by a chipmunk. I’m sending this video to everyone I think might watch.

  12. Guys, I love you both, I’ve been following you forever; but, this is…curious. What an odd conclusion you guys came to have Link to film you naked, rating his shower? Rhett, why didn’t you just put a go-pro on your head, and look down? Perhaps I just say this out of pure jealousy because I’d let Rhett bend me over a shower bench day, any day.

    Happy New Year!

  13. 0:11 you cant play a sound like that and expect me NOT to start singing “THAT PICTURE FRAME…. THOSE HOODIE STRINGS…”

  14. Classic Rhett and Link AND It’s my OCD as the intro and outro? This is truly what we all needed. This is mythicality at its finest. Looking forward to the next vlog!

  15. Okay, really funny video buttt…. how important was it to have a completely real shower?😂 like I think it was just a unnecessary step, he could have easily just taken his shirt off and stood in the shower😂😂but I really dont think the neighbor is gonna do your bidding now that they have probably seen this

  16. Anyone else immediately think of Julian Smith's "I'll never get naked in your shower"?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3eb0Kick6w

  17. 1. I'm really excited that there are gonna be R&L vlogs!!
    2. In this situation I would probably continue showering and pretend that I didn't notice my neighbor, but Rhett's idea is funnier, but you probably shouldn't do it if you want your neighbor to think of you as a normal acquaintance/friend

  18. I really loved the vlog! Personally though, I thought the two cameras accompanied with the quick cuts was creative but a little jarring making it hard to watch. Great video though 👍

  19. Very nice! lol I wasn't sure what to expect, yet somehow you have exceeded those unknown expectations, love it! hahaha

  20. Fascinating. The window is exactly how I imagined it, but I thought the view to the parkway of your neighbor would be more visible 🤔

  21. I wonder how many people are out buying/ordering all these products that they see in the background of links bathroom

  22. I haven’t laughed this hard from a YouTube vid in a very long while! Well done! Looking forward to this journey 💕

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