Replace Drive Belt Husqvarna Yard Tractor

Replace Drive Belt Husqvarna Yard Tractor

hey folks thanks for watching today I’ve
got to change out the drive belt on Husqvarna yard tractor I’m going to be
changing it on a YTH22V46 but the process is real similar on all the
tractors the first thing you have to do is get the deck out from under the mower
I have another video and I’ll leave a link right here to show you how to do
that I backed my tractor up on the ramps I’ve got. I’ve got a set of Rhino ramps I’ll leave a link in the description below
where you can get those if you like they’re great ramps they just fit
between the front and the back tire so you can put them in there and then back
the tractor up that way this part of the ramp is not in your way here when you’re
trying to work under the tractor the belt that you need for the yth22v46
is this one it’s a 5 3 2 1 3 0 9 6 9 I’ll leave a link in the description
below for it and I’ll try to leave the part number for some other tractors to
other Husqvarna tractors if I don’t have one in there leave me a comment with a
tractor you’ve got and I’ll leave I’ll look up the belt part number and leave
you a link on where you can buy it the next step is to get under the tractor
and get the old belt off you can see it here in the middle you’ve got a
tensioner pulley a couple of idler pulleys the belt comes around up here to
the drive pulley on the bottom side of the motor and then if you go to the back
you’ll see that it goes above the trans axle there’s a fan here you got to be
careful not to break the fan it’s plastic blades and there’s a pulley on
top of the trans axle that it goes through once you’ve got your tractor either
jacked up or on the ramps if you got the ramps backwards like I do there’s a you
got kind of a built-in chock behind the front tire so you’d be okay you might
still want to throw a chock block behind the back tires just to be safe the other
thing is set the brake push the brake in and set the parking brake because what
that does is that takes the tension off of the belt and because the brake is
pressed and it makes it easier to get the belt on and off you don’t have to
fight the the tensioner so push the brake in set the parking brake
here’s the bottom pulley that’s what your deck belt goes on and then here’s
the upper pulley which is smaller and that’s what the drive belt goes on and
then there’s a wire guard that goes all the way around it as you can see here
I’m just going to pull that down there’s on the left side of that guard is
attached the right side is not so you can kind of pull it down out of your way
just be careful not to get your finger pinched especially like right in
here between the guard and the in the pulley so I’m just going to pull that
down and I’m going to I’m gonna work that belt off you see I just pulled it
out from the groove of the pulley and I’m gonna do the same thing around the
front get my finger out and then come over here to the to the right side and
just pop it out from under the guard so now it’s off of that front pulley now
you’re not gonna get it off of this yet until we get it till we get the belt
disconnected or out of the other pulleys but this one’s easy so at least we’ve
got it off of that Drive pulley now I’m gonna move back here to the middle and
then we’ll do the back end last these are the middle three pulleys your idlers
and you’re your tensioner pulley this is the front of the tractor this is the
back of the tractor okay so for reference this is the right side this is
the left side so now we’ve got that that belt kind of loose you’ve got just a
little spring guard here which is easy just take it and pull it off now you
want to remember how your belt goes you know and if you if you don’t think you
can remember just take your phone or something your camera and take a picture
of it and then that’ll that’ll help you but it’s also easy to remember because
of the belts going to go on the same side of the pulleys as the
little spring guards there’s one here and there’s one here so you know the
belts gonna go between the spring guards the pulley and between the spring guard
and the pulley and then on this last one there’s just a little wire guard here
that basically keeps the belt from getting engaged in the in this mechanism
for for the brake and so that will also help you remember that the that the belt
goes on this side of that pulley so anyway pull that spring guard out of the
way again mind your fingers push that out and pull it out and then that one
comes out pretty easy too this is a good time to check all your pulleys to make
sure that they’re not loose they shouldn’t wiggle too much
side-to-side upon the the bolt that goes through the middle of them if they do
it’ll tell you you know that they’re that they’re worn or loose or something
like that and you got to check into that this one in the middle is the one that
puts its it’s the tension pulley it’s got a spring on it and you don’t really
have to mess with it like you can see how it moves now it’s not moving a whole
lot because we’ve got the parking brake set if it wasn’t then it would be if the
parking brake wasn’t said it would be over here and have the the belt tension
you’re looking out to the to the rear of the tractor this is facing backwards so
I can show you how to get the belt off the transaxle there’s a fan in its
plastic blades so you want to be careful you’ve got the that’s to keep the
transaxle cool and then right below it there’s a pulley and then there’s a then
there’s a guard so what you have to do is you’ve got to work this this belt
take it out of the guard and then you got to work it above the fan blade
without tearing fan blade up you take the excess slack that you’ve got and use
it to your and just come back here and work it best
you can the fans not you know I mean it’s flexible it’s not like it’s brittle
or anything you just want to be careful not to tear it up so all I’m doing is
I’m taking the slack out of the belt and getting it as as far as you can you
reach up behind it to and get behind the blade all the way to the back with the
belt and you get the front over the fan blade kind of working across that way
and then you can come you can work from one side of the other doesn’t matter but
you can you can come all the way around the blade like that or all the way over
top of the blade like that knees just come out from from around the whole
thing now you come back up front and you can just come around the deck the deck
belt pulley like so and you can then back up to the middle then just pull the
whole thing out now before you go any further what you want to do is take this
is mo belt and that’s my new gun you want to take them take your new belt out
of the packaging and hold them up to each other like so this should be real
close to the same length if they’re not then you might have the wrong belt so
you want to make sure that they’re pretty close they should be within about
a quarter inch in length of each other half inch tops. now the first thing you
want to do is thread the belt up through this crossmember
here’s your steering gear and the steering quadrant you want to go to the
left side of it we’re facing forward this is this is looking toward the front
of the tractor there’s your there’s your deck belt
pulley and there’s your drive pulley so you just want to thread it up through
here there’s a bracket that the brake lever attaches to you want to go between
that bracket and the steering shaft the steering column so you got the belt
threaded through the crossmember this is your deck belt pulley and this is your
drive belt pulley something you kind of get up get your hand up in here and get
a hold of this belt and what you want to do is you want to come down through here
under these guards or inside of these wire guards for the deck belt you get
that pulley or get that belt over the deck pulley and then you just leave it
around the shaft because you want the slack for the to get the get it on the
transaxle pulley and around the idler pulleys it’s hard to show it while I’m
working with the belt but you can see there the fan and then the pulley and
the guard or the guide rather that you know the belt runs in between so that’s
what I’m working on back here in the back that’s the top of the transaxle you
just work on that gap above the blade fan below
and get it down over that pulley and then you’re good to go
I’m gonna do my best to show you this I know it’s hard to see it because of the
camera angle but the good thing is you can get your hands up in here from above
the frame you can get up in there from behind the transaxle the whole bit so
just slide the side the belt over top of that blade get it get it over the fan
blade on all the way around then get it inside this guard and they can pull it
right back up on that pulley and then just check all the way around to make
sure that you’re on the pulley and not on one of the fan blades and then that
part’s pretty much done again this is that way is toward the front of the
tractor and we got to do is you take you take this one and it’s got to get behind
that that wire guard you just basically pop it in there I popped it too far I
missed the pulley okay so there you go and you one of the
ways to kind of know that you’re that you’ve got it right also is this is a
grooved pulley this is a grooved pulley this one you’ll notice it’s flat so that the
flat one means that the back of the belt runs against it the grooved ones like this
that are that are tapered on the inside that tells you that the beveled side of
the of the belt runs in them so then you take this one and it’s going to run
behind that guard and this is the back this one’s flat so you know the back of
the belt is gonna run against it so push it in there we’re back up to the front
this is the the deck belt pulley and of course we left the the belt just loose
around the shaft basically so now what you want to do same same deal as before
you want to get that you don’t have to pull this guard down and
I suggest getting the left side first just because it’s a little closer it’s
easier to get the right side so get it up underneath there go to the front get
it up underneath the guard and then just kind of work your way around to the
right side just being careful not to get your finger pinched in there between the
guard and the pulley or the guard and the belt and then you can just slip it
around the the pulley and you should be good to go while you’ve got your tractor
jacked up or on ramps it’s also a good time to check underneath clean out from
under the or clean out from on top of the transaxle any clippings and dirt and
anything like that you’ve got up there around that fan because that keeps the
transaxle cool also your steering sector the quadrant and the gear it’s a good
tongue to pull a bit of grease on that while you’re underneath I’m going to
leave a link above for a playlist of other videos that I’ve got on this
tractor it’s good for all Husqvarna tractors for various maintenance things
how to how to lube it has set it up how to take the deck off all that kind of
thing so check that out if you would please hit the like button below the
thumbs up and I’d appreciate it / see you back soon take care and God bless

4 thoughts on “Replace Drive Belt Husqvarna Yard Tractor”

  1. Hey, thanks Dennis for this very Informative video. I am curious as to other grease inserts to that mower. I have the exact same one if you remember. Only ones I've seen are for the steering next to the tires. I'm sure there's got to be More back by the tranny? Anyway, I'll try and watch those Lube videos you have.

  2. I have the same mower it makes a grinding noise when its running but goes away when the brake is pressed any ideas ? Thanks D

  3. Another great job thank you for your time this will go into my archive for future reference with all your husqvarna videos

  4. Dennis, you do a very nice job of showing folks how to do their own maintenance, should you be interested there is a very good text and photo instruction on changing the Tuff Torq transmission oil, Tuff Torq recommends first 50 hours, then every 200 hours after. I just completed mine on my TS354 XD using them. A gentleman from FL put the instructions together, for his GT which is quite similar. Link for the forum

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