Recycle Bone Dry Clay in 6 Easy Steps – Pottery Making For Beginners

Recycle Bone Dry Clay in 6 Easy Steps – Pottery Making For Beginners

turn this into this to create this in
this video I’m going to show you an easier less messy way to recycle your
bone-dry clay hi Marie here from pottery crafters
where I show you fun pottery making videos with tips tools and techniques
for the beginner Potter’s many Potter’s from experienced to beginners don’t want
to or even don’t know how to recycle clay and I was no different at first
recycling looked pretty messy and hard to do as I watched him slop and slush
the clay on the plaster mold I thought I don’t want to do this but I also didn’t
want to waste my clay so I tried it and I didn’t like it there had to be an
easier way for me not to waste my clay after trying different ways, I discovered
an easier more manageable less messy way to recycle my clay let’s get recycling this is all you’ll need to recycle your
clay pillowcases or a pouch you may have seen these sheets come in these this is
very convenient I love using the sheet these pouches ties a hook and a place to
hook your clay be creative a tree two chairs and a pipe your closet think of
somewhere you could hang your clay buckets need at least two buckets
plastic bags make sure you have some with no holes in them a wear board now
mine is 12 by 16 I really like this size it’s very convenient for me but you can
have one larger smaller it doesn’t matter whatever is more convenient for
you a drop cloth or you can use like real tight fabric so the cloth doesn’t
get into your clay at all and the particles from the cloth so the drop
cloth works really good for me and it doesn’t have to be that big either a hammer of course with the hammer
you’re gonna want safety glasses I’ve had clay fly up in my face already and
if you’re indoors you will want to use one of these dust masks I love this one
it’s so comfortable and lightweight it’s great for glazing and working with dry
clay first thing you want to do is dry out any wet clay you have I like to use
a plastic on my wear board that’s so the wear board does not wear out as fast and
it’s very convenient I like I found doing it this way works best for me take your wet clay and place it on your
plastic then you want to press it down as flat as you can we go whoopsy make sure it doesn’t slide
off your we’re bored like that wash your hands now take a pillowcase and take your hole
where board and place the clay right inside the pillowcase I like to do this
actually for two reasons one air gets in and your clay will dry out and two no
debris or bugs are going to get on to your clay while it’s drying tie it up
and wait now depending on the climate you live in could take a couple of weeks
or a week for me about four or five days because I live in the desert I have an
advantage now through the miracle of video weight clay is dry what you have to do is untie it now
you’ll want to check it from time to time but to make sure that it’s dry but
she’s dry shinobi oh my goodness you hate to have
to break it up take your drop cloth place Snoopy on the
drop cloth I can put it back on the we’re bored if
you like take your safety glasses and as I said earlier if you’re indoors make
sure you have your dust mask use your dust mask here’s the fun part start
breaking up the clay by Snoopy all done take your clay put it in the bucket now you fill your pillowcase or pouch
whichever is fine I like to do the pouch just put the pillowcase or pouch around
your bucket pour some dry land now I like to pour in about 2 to 4 pounds of
legible clay because it’s more manageable for me you can put in more if
you like or less whatever is manageable and legible for you after I place the
dry clan I just wrapped the pillowcase or the pouch around the dry clay this
helps it dry out more evenly then I take another pouch or pillowcase and I place
the clan side again to dry out more evenly when I just used one it actually
dried out a little too much on the top because the air got at it so having to
works great for me now we tie up the pillowcase and place
it in a bucket of water and let it soak now I placed my pillowcase into the
water and I would leave it here for at least a day make sure there’s enough
water in your bucket and I like to cover my bucket especially being outside
because I really don’t want debris insects or animals to get into the water
after a day I check my clay and I’ll feel it and it feels nice and smooth no
lumps in it then I know it’s time to hook it onto my branch take my
pillowcase cover the bucket water goes right through the pillowcase and I wait
I will let it sit out for a couple of days then through the magic of video it’s a couple
of days and I checked my claim em it’s still a bit mushy I have to wait another
day after another day hummingbird after another day come out check my clay feels wedge able to me
take it down and wedge it out like I had said earlier depending on the climate
you live in really dictates how long it’s going to take for your clay to dry
now I can feel that this is wedge able also when you unwrap it from your cloth it will peel right off and you can feel
it it just feels really nice so you know
it’s ready to wedge do is give it a little slam all that wedge is nicely
nice and malleable workable oh yeah that’s nice there you go nice wedge Abel sized
recycled clay just take a bag with no holes in it tie it up I don’t like to
use these twist ties because I found that they can poke into the plastic I’ve
had a few of them do that I like to use the rubber band twist it up now take your marker and put the type of claim that it is
especially if you have different kinds of clays Amoco 46 and you can put the
date also I like to use the older clay first this is cone 10 and this is cone 5 in this video I showed you an easier way
to recycle your clay I like doing it this way because it’s not as messy and
smaller amounts are much easier to handle if you have any recommendations
or other tips or small items to make definitely post those in the comment
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pottery making tips and tools keep making that beautiful pottery remember
our goal is progress / perfection see you next time

4 thoughts on “Recycle Bone Dry Clay in 6 Easy Steps – Pottery Making For Beginners”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this way to recycle clay. I have quite a bit to recycle and I was going to do it the messy way because I didn't know your method. Glad I didn't start it today. Now I am going to try your way. I live in Florida and it gets really hot during the day, but it's quite humid. It may take a little longer for it to dry out while hanging. I just need to get some old pillow cases.

  2. Thank you so much. I was transferred to a new school this year and almost all of their clay was dried out. I was looking for a way to recycle it but the other processed were too much work. Your method seems easy and something my class can help with without it getting too messy 🙂

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