Picking Circular Saw Blades | Table Saw | Miter Saw

Picking Circular Saw Blades | Table Saw | Miter Saw

18 thoughts on “Picking Circular Saw Blades | Table Saw | Miter Saw”

  1. either turn down the volume of your saw or turn your mic up…tired of youtubers blowing out my ears with poorly thought out productions…☹☹☹

  2. Yeah, it was right around 1985 when I bought my radial arm saw for about a quarter of what they retailed for. That old saw did the job of a miter saw/sliding miter saw and quite a few other operations such as molding head cutter. Very handy saw if you know what you're doing with it. I checked out this video cause I wanted to know what blade you recommended for it. I'm guessing that you'd say the same negative rake angle blade as for the miter saw, but then I guess I'll never know now will I?

  3. Learned a few things in the video. Love the use of the straws to explain wood grain. I have heard so many talk about grain and your explanation is spot on. Thank you.

  4. I love diablo blades I have circular saw blades for both 7 1/4 size as well as 5 3/8 blades also have different variety of there recip blades just picked up some of there blades for my miter saw also like bosch blades for my jig saws some day soon will be picking up a table saw as well

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