I Make A Pizza Peel With An Angle Grinder!

I Make A Pizza Peel With An Angle Grinder!

all right so we’re in a bit of a dilemma
here my fiance’s dad’s birthday is this weekend and I need to get a gift built
for him this dude absolutely loves food and
especially pizza he’s building this sick brick oven pizza stove up at their camp
and I thought what a killer opportunity to make an enormous pizza peel for him
so here’s what I’m thinking so here’s what I’m thinking I want to do
the peel kind of have like a semi sexy curved shape I mean that even though
most of you probably can’t tell I definitely didn’t go to art school fan
it out here kind of like a boat ore because who doesnt like boating. something like
this maybe maybe a little more a little less extreme yeah there we go that looks
better all right so now we got to pick some
wood doesn’t everyone walk onto the lumber rack. perfect size. to the left to the left, ooh
Sam excellent handle material all right better. I gotta call Jackman that didn’t
work at all. that’s how quickly things can pivot it used to be walnut handle
and now it’s a maple handle. Lets cut some chunks make those chunks smaller and
then stick those chunks together. A disa make it all the wood is the same
a size dude like the best part about these clamps
is the workout you get moving them around the shop. ITS DRY! Pizza Cam new tool, coming for you Jackman we’re gonna peel the pizza pie a peel the
pizza pie now I’ve got out my American curve here
because pfhhh France. yes I got free freedom curve here if you guys are wondering what this
tool is called freedom curve but actually that looks great give it a test who needs a broom when
you have a shop peel let’s make this thing (Jibberish) all right Sanded it all smooth time from my
favorite finish extra-virgin olive oil it’s a good year fine we’ll use butcher
block finish now I want to test this thing before we
give it to him so I’m gonna call my cousin Vinnie where’s my cell phone hello hey Vinnie it’s John Michael
Angela’s son ah the UH the fat one huh yeah yeah yeah I’m the big guy
uh yeah washed up football player huh yep now you could ya washed up sure you
still have the pizza shop? yeah yeah I still got the pizza shop yeah I’m here right now
I was uh I was wondering I made a I made a big pizza peel for my future
father-in-law and I was I was wondering if I could come test it out hey you
think you could cook a pizza huh I mean I can definitely cook man like I didn’t
get this big without know what I’m doing hey come down don’t matter to me
whatever you want to do all right cool appreciate it
I will I will see you at the shop here in a little bit oh thanks sweet Vinny said we can use the shop. Thats good that’s good good sandwichl beautiful day, that capicola is delicious. oh hello hello is uh is Vinnie around? how are you guys
doing? I’m good he said I could use the oven Vinny hasnt worked here in a decade. A decade? I mean he works here, but
doesn’t work here you guys uh you care if I make a pizza all right make a pizza so we figured with such a milestone we’d
have to get you something that’s not normal huge milestone of you burning
yourself so thank you guys so much for tuning in if you want to see another one
of my gift projects I got a queued up for you right here also a big shout out
to Luke and his whole team over at Blue Sparrow I got a link down in the
description if you’re ever in Pittsburgh come check them out till you guys one
more time for tuning in don’t forget to subscribe and go punch some pizza in the
face huh

55 thoughts on “I Make A Pizza Peel With An Angle Grinder!”

  1. That's COOL !  LOVE to cook pizza at home so I know how much a good peel matters.  Nice gift and great way to stay in good graces with the future FIL !

  2. And now I'm starving…thanks John!  That is awesome and I love the gift reveals…if you hadn't won him over yet, I'm guessing this sealed the deal!

  3. You know that excited way you get when you see one of your favourite builders post a new video? I just got that feeling. Great build as always dude

  4. the pizza peel is great, but you deserve more than a like for the fact you cooked a real pizza: tomato, mozzarella, basil and a bit of extra vergin olive oil. no need to put hundreds ingredients on it.
    good job, by an italian.

  5. Hey John: Great video BUT Vincent Pizza Park on Ardmore Blvd is the place to go test the peel.  Love watching the videos of my old home town and will make a peel now too,

  6. You make a fantastic Pizza Paddle, but, please, stick to woodworking and leave pizza making to me. Thank you 🙂

  7. I found this project quite appeeling. Nice classic margherita at the end there too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I didn't think I could enjoy your videos more. But I really like how you're making your videos informative yet fun. Now that you keep poking Jackman you guys should do a collaborative video of some sort. Though two epic beards maybe too much for one video. 🙂

  9. 9:56 clearly he hasn't see your shop if that is "homemade." If that's homemade I don't even want to begin to think about what my stuff should be called!

  10. as an Italian American, this entire episode triggered me….. I need my safe space. LOL . j/k groovy video! keep on making.

  11. ha ha…you as the restaurant owner was just too much. Cracked me up! I don't think I've ever seen a pizza peel that long.


  13. Nice job John! @mikekapotsy sticker sighting @ 5:33 so that should buy you at least a million views 😂👍

  14. Dude, killed it! Great gift, great project. Really love how as you guys work together longer the cinematography keeps getting better and better, great job. Loved the humor/skit in there too. Reminds me that I need to get a new grinder to replace my dead one, and then I'll have no more excuses to start power carving. 👊

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