19 thoughts on “How to Make A Spoon | 12 Gifts of Christmas”

  1. I am A-OK with tools 🛠 having straightforward names, rather than creative ones.
    I have enough trouble following directions as it is. 😆 I think I may try a spoon project with my daughter over the holidays. Thanks for posting! 👍

  2. I’m a huge fan of videos where people use multiple ways to make something similar. This is awesome! I keep my eyes peeled for each video you release Caleb!

  3. Those up close and personal shots of you sawing the spoon, very satisfying to watch!!! And I heard that spooning comment very clever!!!

  4. Awesome video and fantastic gifts. I really like how you showed several to make them, have to say I was Lmao about your comment on using the jig saw. Thank you Caleb

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