Harry Styles | House Tour 2020 | London Properties | $28 Million Penthouse

Harry Styles | House Tour 2020 | London Properties | $28 Million Penthouse

Harry Styles is one of the biggest British
popstars, as well as one of the richest, trailing just behind Ed Sheeran. Recently he was spotted vacationing with Adele,
who’s almost unrecognizable but still looks great Before you get excited about a new couple
the two have been friends for years so I wouldn’t make any assumptions. At the time of this recording, Harry is 25
years old, and another thing the public has been making assumptions about lately is his
sexuality. I guess laying low for awhile and then coming
back with some new music, and wearing dresses or pearl earrings from time to time kinda
threw fans off. In an interview with the Guardian, addressing
whether he’s bisexual or not he said: “It’s not a case of I’m not telling
you cause I don’t want to tell you. Its not oooh this is mine and its not yours,
it’s WHO CARES? Does that make sense? It’s just WHO CARES” So I guess that’s all we know at the moment. But Harry has been rocking some cute nailpolish. Harry has come a long way since being discovered
on the X factor back in 2010 and being in the boy band which brought him fame – One
Direction. Now he has over 25 million followers on Instagram
(@harrystyles), and he’s a singer, songwriter, and actor. As you probably know Harry’s been a solo
artist for some time now, and his second album “Fine Line” released in 2019 actually
broke the record of biggest sales debut from an English male artist in the US. And like I mentioned, Harry is one of the
richest British popstars at the moment. His estimated net worth is around 75 million
dollars. That being said, today we wont be talking
about Harry’s sexuality, personal life, or any of that. Instead we’re gonna focus on the properties
Harry spends all that money on. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
a House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. We’re going to see the places that Harry
Styles calls home, including the house he sold in LA, his mansions in London, and give
you all the details we can find. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
subscribed and ring that bell to be notified when we post so you can always be up to date. We’ve also done house tours on the likes
of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, and we’ll have links to those at the end of this. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@Kara_emi)
because I love connecting with you guys! I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. First off, just to get an idea, Harry’s
childhood home is located in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in England. (Photo childhood home) Looks like a nice but
humble house. We also know he still goes back to visit his
hometown pretty often, even up until this day. Now Harry still resides in England, but in
London. We’ll show you where in just a bit. Harry also tried West Coast living for awhile
and gave into Hollywood but that didn’t last too long before he returned to his roots. Harry purchased a gorgeous home in early 2016
and flipped it back on the market just a year later. This mansion was located in the Hollywood
Hills in what was called “the most prime section above the Sunset Strip.” Even though he listed the home for almost
8.5 million, he couldn’t sell it for that price despite all the renos he put into it. Harry lowered the price but it didn’t end
up selling until 2019 and by that time it was just over 6.2 million – so he was at
a loss. I’m surprised that Harry couldn’t turn
more of a profit on this place because it looked picture perfect. His Hollywood mansion was 4,401 square feet
and had 4 beds and 6 baths. Some features of Harry’s Hollywood home
included a penthouse level master suite, a home movie theatre, a fitness centre, chef’s
kitchen, floor to ceiling windows in the living and dining area and more. Of course the property was fully gated, offering
a ton of privacy, yet still amazing views of LA. Outside Harry’s home there were a few terraces,
one being on the roof with a fire pit, as well as a beautiful pool and spa. Aside from that Hollywood Hills home, Harry
owns some other US real estate. Far far away from LA, Harry owns a penthouse
in New York City. A few years back in 2017 it was reported that
Harry quietly bought a unit at the celebrity loved 443 Greenwich street building. This building is in the Tribeca neighborhood
of NYC and celebs like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
as well as Jennifer Lawrence also own apartments there. I’m pretty sure this was also the building
that The Weeknd and Bella Hadid lived in when they were together in the Big Apple. Anyways Harry bought this place for around
8.35 million and it has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and spans just under 3000 square
feet. The building offers a ton of great features
aside from the views of NYC, like a gorgeous pool and extra security and privacy, away
from the paparazzi. Looking at the listing pics of Harry’s Nyc
penthouse you can see that there are finishes like exposed beams and aged brass fixtures,
which are very “Tribeca”. I’m not sure how often Harry even stays
in New York, but at least when he does he has a gorgeous penthouse to call home. And it’s just a few blocks away from his
ex Taylor. So now let’s look at Harry’s real estate
in his homeland of England. Back in 2012, Harry reportedly purchased his
first London Bachelor pad which he still owns as far as we know, and back then they called
it “Harry’s Party Palace” At the time, Harry was still a teen so it
mustve been super exciting for him to have a big house all for himself. The star paid almost 5 Million US dollars
for the large home located in the North London area of Hampstead Heath, which at the time
was a half urban neighbourhood. Harry’s first London property clocks in
at 2,300 square feet and has 4 beds and 3 baths which are spread across 3 floors. There haven’t been many photos of the place
since Harry moved in, but it was his first house purchase on his own. Prior to this London home, Harry and his former
One Direction bandmates were apparently renting a 5 level unit at the Princess Park Manor
I guess Harry was ready for his own space. Another property Harry is said to own in London
is a slight upgrade from his first purchase. In 2016 sources said that Harry had bought
himself a pretty expensive birthday present – a penthouse in one of England’s more
lavish development buildings. The Battersea Power Station is a redesigned
and repurposed electricity plant and of course the condos they created in the building are
one of a kind. It’s located right on the River Thames so
of course Harry has some gorgeous waterfront views. The Battersea buildings all have access to
a private garden that resembles a London square and each singular home has their own winter
garden or terrace as well. We don’t know many details about Harry’s
Penthouse but we do know that he paid an estimated 28 million for the place, so you can guess
that it’s huge. So if you’d think that with a 28 million
dollar London penthouse under his belt that Harry wouldn’t need another place, you’d
be wrong. In recent news Harry’s updated his London
real estate portfolio yet again dropping almost 10.5 MILLION US on a Georgian style semi home. This pad is definitely mansion sized, complete
with 5 bedrooms and plenty of space. This latest investment does slightly outdated
from the listing photos but I’m sure Harry plans on remodelling the home to fit his tastes
like he’s done in the past. At the moment the furnishings are “Liberace-inspired”
and many of the rooms give out a homely vibe. Harry’s new London mansion has a white stucco
design and the previous owners decorated much of the interior in a faux regency style with
a ton of chandeliers and similar dramatic fixings. The grand sitting room – which we’d probably
just call the living room – offers floor to ceiling windows and leads into the large
dining room. You’ll also see the curved staircase which
takes you to all of the first floor bedrooms in the home. Harry’s new multi million dollar London
home seems bigger and more mature than his first house, or the “party pad” which
he still owns. However the houses are reportedly close in
distance, so I’m guessing Harry’s a fan of the neighbourhood. Some other features of Harry’s new London
mansion include a home movie theatre and a games room in the basement. Outside, there’s a big garage for all of
his cars as well as completely private outdoor parking. Hopefully once Harry redesigns the place a
little bit more in his style, we’ll be able to get a better glimpse at it because from
some of those online photos it looked like a grandma’s house. So unfortunately there aren’t more pictures
I could find of Mr Style’s homes, especially for his new one in London. Although Harry hasn’t always had the best
luck in real estate considering he lost a couple million selling his LA house, he still
made some good investments. I guess Harry doesn’t like Hollywood as
much as some other celebs because despite the gorgeous house he owned there he didn’t
live in it very long. Most of his homes that we know about remain
in England, and he still loves to go back to his Hometown too. As far as we know, Harry owns a luxury penthouse
in NYC, while the rest of his spots are in London. I would assume he’s been staying at his
latest 10 million dollar London mansion he bought last year, since I also heard he rents
out his original home from time to time. After seeing a little bit of each of Harry’s
properties, which one was your fave? From what I’ve seen his Hollywood Hills
home was the most my style, and I’m sure his new London mansion is beautiful too. Ok guys now I’ll be reading some comments
out from previous videos. On our Cardi B and Offset updated house tour
we did for their new Mansion in Atlanta, Tee said
“O my Lord Cardi this is gorgeous!!!” I Agree Tee – I feel like it’s a mansion
fit for a king and queen. Finally they found a place that they love. Someone also commented saying we should do
a video when it’s furnished and I totally will because I cant wait to see what Cardi
will do with the place. On Our Lady gaga House tour, Debi M said:
“Thank you for posting. I enjoyed the video. The homes are beautiful. She worked so hard and has natural talent
to get where she is today” I couldn’t agree more Debi. Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists out
there and I love how she isn’t afraid to be herself too. And finally on our Adele Before and after
vid, Mariah Martinez commented: “Whether she’s full figured or smaller
I think she’s absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes and lips are so pretty.” Aright guys, that’s all I could find on the
places Harry Styles calls home. It’s clear the man loves his homeland of
England much better than the US. What did you guys think about Harry’s homes
or his new 10 million dollar mansion in London? Be sure to lemme know in the comments or if
I Missed anything. AND tell me some other celebrity houses you’d
like to see. I’m thinking maybe Shawn Mendes or Chris
Brown? Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!

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  9. Great video. But his reply to questions about his sexuality are dishonest. “Who Cares?” He does not really mean who cares, many people care and he knows it, so although the reply is designed to sound cool it is is dishonest. He should just say “I do not want to say” or better yet “it should not matter,” that would be more honest

  10. Fact check:
    The 2nd condo place, as far as I know was said to be not his. His publicist said it wasn't Harry's.
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  11. Everything Harry Styles does, is with absolute intent. His choices are carefully planned out regarding what he will wear at events, when formal pictures are taken, pictures he chooses to be on and within his album, and at his concerts. If you listen to what he says about human nature, it's clear that he chooses what he wears with intent to get a reaction from others. Harry Styles is attempting to "Teach" the masses to have a "who cares" attitude. It sounds good, but it proves that certain things he wears is done to get people's attention. He knows interviewers will ask about his attire. Harry then attempts to turn it into a "teachable" moment, stating that people should have a "who cares" attitude. (Harry Styles clearly cares). I find his reasoning to be dishonest and deceiving. Harry doesn't wear what he wears everyday. He's a bloke who blends in. If he was really dressing the way he wanted to, without trying to send a message, his message would never be heard. No one would talk about such superficial things as clothing choice. What Harry Styles doesn't understand, is when he deliberately dresses in a way to get others talking, that's called "INTENTIONAL" There is nothing original about how Harry Styles dresses. There have been many who have gone before him that have done the same things. Many names come to mind. Iggy Stardust, AKA David Bowie, T-Rex, AKA Marc Bolan, Mick Jagger and many more. It goes deeper than "glam rock". They dressed how they dressed to get people's attention. it worked and the rest is history. Harry Styles name will simply be added to this list of those who dress for "Shock Value" for the current generation. Each generation wants to be known for something. Does he look good in everything he wears, YES! It's just not an original idea. He's working with the current fashions at hand. it's certainly not sending any new messages. I do love his music. He's a great entertainer, and seems very personable. I'm simply not that gullible. I've benefited by seeing musicians through the years and the statements each try to make.

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