– Hey there YouTube. It’s me Tori. Wow this feels so weird saying
that directly to the camera ’cause usually I’ll say that into a mic and like, (finger
snapping) and anywhoozles, this video is all about
saying goodbye to Juicy Ink and saying thank you for being part of it. Woo okay. I can get through this
video quickly (laughs) ’cause I got things to do today. I’m very excited. (sighs) So I think 2014, I started
my YouTube channel, Juicy Ink on a whim. Well it wasn’t like a whim whim like, let’s just try out YouTube. It was more of like I’ve always admired what
people do on YouTube. And I wanted to give that a shot and certain events lined up properly just to kind of make that happen. And how do I say? That was so long ago and
(laughs) I think I’m ready to like put that chapter behind me. Okay so let’s like start all
the way from the beginning. So Juicy Ink started because
I was doing a Kickstarter of this book. Actually it’s the pink one. This is the reprint. It was a Copic art collection. It was a grand old time. So with Juicy ink, I did
like my whole launch video for like Kickstarter and
Juicy Ink just kinda evolved to be more of like a Copic Marker channel, which was a lot of fun. I had such a grand old time. I felt like it was a chance for me to explore a different media, something that was still creative but didn’t suck all the energy
out of me like painting did. So it was kind of like a great
balance of I get to create and then I get to create more
but it’s just a different element and I could
just like keep on going. Anyhoosels. Hah, man this is really hard to do. (laughs) Okay so I am leaving Juicy Ink. It was something I started back in 2014. It was for fun. I did a lot of trial and error. I got to explore different like series, like the sketchbook
video series, challenge. And there was Hermit Mode. I dabbled in Sabbatical and
there was just a lot going on. But yeah, I’m ready for a change. So the biggest reason to
why I’m saying goodbye to Juicy Ink is because I do
not relate to the name anymore. Like I had just, it was
just a name of a book. It wasn’t really supposed
to be the name that I go on with for eternity. So I did give this a lot of thought. Like I kid you not, I’ve been
kind of thinking about this for about six months,
maybe all of like 2019. I was really debating like
what direction do I want to go. And well, how do I, what to do branding. I really hate describing it as branding because I never want to
be identified as a brand. I want to be identified
as an artist who is continuously growing because I
will never be the same artist as I was the previous like the day before because my style will always be evolving and that’s what drives me as an artist. So that’s why I decided to
say goodbye to Juicy Ink and start my new channel
as Victoria Gedvillas, which wlalala (laughs) my
name is such a mouthful. I recently took the plunge,
started that channel at the end of January just to see if it was something that I
liked and it was phenomenal. It was so great. It was just so right to make that move. I was debating about the channel name ’cause I just engaged so
I was debating if I wanted to take on my fiance’s last
name which is Honiball, Honiball H-O-N-I-B-A-L-L,
or do I keep my name? And I’ve just been like pros and cons, juggling back and forth. And ultimately, I decided
to stick with my own name. He’s so sweet about it like he’s like do whatever you want. I support you and like
chu chu, I’m so lucky. Okay so, I even had already made that channel. I’m actually supposed to
be recording another video for that channel today
but I was just feeling ready to talk to you. Ah so yeah, the biggest reason
of why I’m saying goodbye to Juicy Ink is that I
just no longer connect with the name Juicy Ink and
if I were to rename Juicy Ink to something else, I would
honestly, just want to like delete all my videos and have like a clean slate to build upon. And I couldn’t do that. So I told my Instagram
followers I was interested in doing this and a lot of them was like, “Are you you gonna delete your videos?” and I was like yeah, they said that they
wanted me to keep them. I’m like, I feel you on that, like I legit do. ‘Cause I put in a ton
of work into Juicy Ink, like so much work on it’s kinda hard to
delete this whole channel just for the name change so,
I thought it would be best just to start fresh. And it’s going. So other reasons why I’m
also leaving Juicy Ink is that I’m not really
doing Copic Art anymore. I kinda transitioned into watercolor which is like Cool Whip. And I feel like I’m
betraying my OG followers that signed up for the
channel for Copic artwork. So I’d rather just start
fresh on a new channel. I’ve been kind of feeling this way with my channel for
like the past year that I felt like you guys
wanted Copic art work so, and I just wasn’t
interested in doing that. The reason why I’m not
interested in doing Copic art at the moment is that I am more fascinated with the pigment properties
and just trying to control a wild media like watercolor. So that’s intriguing to me right now and that’s why I really do
not want to do Copic markers. Like don’t get me wrong, (laughs) I love my marker collection. It’s so curated it’s so beautiful. I will never let it go. And I will keep it in my collection in case like one day, I
just want to jump on back into markers but, I would want to do that
as Victoria Gedvillas so that way, there was a context of I have knowledge of multiple
mediums and that knowledge carries over to different
markers, art supplies that I use that they all overlap. I’m carrying one technique to the other and I want that context to be
available on my new channel as Victoria Gedvillas and not as Juicy Ink because that really does sound
like a Juicy Copic Marker. Like that was the intentions. The name Juicy Ink came along actually through my good friend Royal. I remember asking him, I was like “Hey, I’m starting a new art book. “I know I want it to end in ink. “I just really can’t
think of the first word.” And he’s like, I asked him, “What do you think of my art work?” And he goes, “I think it’s juicy.” And I’m like (finger snaps) “Yeah let’s do it.” Okay so, that’s how that came about. What other reasons? I am no longer in my mind
20s or like in my early 20s and I felt like Juicy Ink
captured that decade of my life. Like it was a moment of
figuring out who I am, figuring out what I wanna do with my art. Just really pushing myself to explore, to see what my options are and I felt like Juicy Ink was the best way
for me to like experiment with different video editing techniques, just figuring out how to actually edit ’cause I didn’t go to school for this. Um, I taught myself how to do Premier Pro. A lot of the a lot of the interface
overlaps with Photoshop. So a lot of the skill sets
were able to transfer over. So yeah! Yes, essentially, I just
want to move on to the next chapter in life, like I I’m about to be 30 soon and I just I want to embrace that. I want to welcome what’s
coming from my art work and I feel that with the new channel and like just starting it, I’m like (gasps) the world is my oyster. I’m like, nothing’s really
gonna change with this. Like I am still Tori. I am still hyper and then tuckered out, tired and I’m just a mixed bag of energy and I think that won’t really ever leave me. Like I always be like
this bubble that’s always, I’m blushing, aha. The biggest reason of why
I want to make this video is that I want to talk to you one-on-one. I want to let you know what’s going on and I wanted to say a huge thank you. Like thank you for being
a part of this journey for the past three, four, six years? (gasps) Oh no (laughs) I’m getting old. I really just wanna say thank you. Like your support, your comments, your encouragement, your feedback, I do my best to read all the comments. I may not always get like respond to them. I’m not much of a verbal person. I just kinda like trip over my words a lot and I’m not really good
at yup exactly (laughs) but I do wanna say like thank
you so much for everything that you have given me, for supporting this channel, for subscribing, for watching my videos, for literally watching
me grow up on YouTube. And as awkward and as shy that can be, it’s also kind of wow! Like it’s documented
here, like I can go back and I can be like, this is where I was and this is where I am now. So that’s kind of cool. But like seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed creating videos for you. It was so much fun. I had such a grand old time
just hanging out with you, sharing art, sharing art
supplies that I find randomly or just sketchbooks that I,
just the whole nine yards of being an artist. I thoroughly enjoyed
sharing that with you. And thank you for making that fun for me and for making this community
positive and it’s kind of sad that ’cause it is coming to the end but you know, but it’s not really end, we’re gonna have more fun
just on a different channel. So (sighs) is that it? Is that all my reasons. I think I covered everything. I no longer connect to the name Juicy Ink. I’m sticking to my name,
Victoria Gedvillas, getting married! I’m getting old (laughs)
and I’m just mainly don’t want to have a
channel focused on marker when I want to do it all. Like not do it all, it’s like, I wanna do everything all the time. I just want the flexibility to go wherever my art soul wishes for me to go. So, okie dokie. So, I’m gonna peace out. Please do join me on my new
channel if you’re interested in this new adventure. Thank you so much for being here. It’s been real cool. It’s been a real good time. So this feels so weird to say bye. It’s like until next
time, keep on drawing. See you at my new channel
and have a lovely day, okay. Bye! (upbeat music)

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