Freddie Gives Her New House An Extreme Makeover • Moving Series: Part 2 • Ladylike

Freddie Gives Her New House An Extreme Makeover • Moving Series: Part 2 • Ladylike

100 thoughts on “Freddie Gives Her New House An Extreme Makeover • Moving Series: Part 2 • Ladylike”

  1. I don't understand why people paint wood! 😭 With the right stain it will tie a room together no matter what vibe you are going for. It is like the baby boomers and putting linoleum over hard wood. 😑

  2. I personally would not have added the closet door…could've just added a tapestry or some other covering with a hook to pull it to the side, that way you wouldn't have to account for the space that the door would take up when it was open.

  3. I wasn't crazy about the accent color look, but I think it suits Freddie's colorful personality. I loved the Reiki cleansing and blessing. My mom does home cleansings and blessings for her clients and it's a beautiful experience.

  4. “Freddie Gives Her House an Extreme Makeover”
    should be
    “Freddie Paints Her New House” because that’s basically all they did

  5. I've literally just moved into my new apartment and have been moving since the last vid came out and like this is so well timed with my life bless

  6. From an educated interior designer: it sounds like Kirk is a great company, BUT THEY ARE DECORATORS NOT DESIGNERS this is very important to understand, thank you

  7. Wow another video where Freddie is “so stressed out about moving” while absolutely everything is done for her by other people

  8. Painting a few rooms, replacing a missing closet door, and a reiki session does not read as an extreme makeover to me…

  9. Everyone saying the colors were terrible or too bright but those are Freddie's choice of colors and she lives there and looks at it every day so if that what she wants it and is happy im glad (though that pink does remind me of pepto bismol)

  10. I personally don’t care for wood details either. So everyone freaking out about that… like, it’s not that deep. I only like dark hardwoods floors, black hard wood floors or a dark grey, simply beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Other than that, it’s not that cute.

    Also, who else would love for Freddie to upload more content on her own personal channel? She’s my fav out of all the lady like lovelies 💜 hopefully she’ll have more free time to do it 🤞🏾

  11. I actually love the idea of the little pops of colours in geometric shapes, rather than an accent wall. I love that bright green too. Green is my favourite colour… My name is Jade lol 😂. Looking forward to how she furnishes it and the details within the furnishings. I know Freddy has done people’s rooms on here before and did a great job.

  12. PLEASE NEVER PAINT ORIGINAL WOOD. Not only does it normally look terrible after some time, it takes away the history of the home.

  13. everyone is totally allowed to voice their opinion about how Freddie’s apartment looks but I just want to point out that she put alot of thought, effort, & money into it so she can do whatever she wants with it. she is the one living there, so who should really care how she sets it up or how it looks? if it makes her happy, then we should be happy!

  14. Chantel was so respectful and beautifully filmed the reikei/house cleanse. I feel zen from your amazing edits and music choices! Xo

  15. Don’t quit your day job… if I hired you to design my place& you painted it as shittily as you done your house- I’d demand my money back.

  16. Why are people so negative in the comments? Thank you for painting the wood so you can have a seamless clean look. Thank you for painting your closet a bright pink color. Thank you for showing us what it looks like when someone comes in to cleanse your space. Some people pray over their space before moving in … whatever makes your place feel like a home is what I’m rooting for. Enjoy YOUR HOME Freddie! You deserve to live in your abundance. 😘

  17. Okay I personally don't care for wood details because it's not my taste but I wouldn't paint over them. Like why move there if you're just going to change all the character of the place?

  18. oh wow…another video that is sooo close to what people who left buzzfeed create…also she didn’t do like, anything lmao

  19. My first house had all the original 1920’s wood work and the people who moved in after us painted it black. 😵😩 I kinda got that same feeling here BUT. It is her space and you gotta love your space.

  20. 1:36 some painter.. doesnt cut in the corners or above the door not to mention hes not using an extension pole and doesnt go all the way toward the ceiling .. which shouldve also been cut in

  21. Can't subtract from abundance? I wanted to jump through my phone and smack her. Why would she say that? Some people do not hear the words coming out of their own mouth. Between that and painting the wood, I'm out ✌🏼

  22. I love lady like and I love Freddy but the stress that she’s claiming she’s going threw when the company that she works for is (probably) paying for her to completely renovate her space and the fact that she has so much help is kind of irritating considering most people don’t even use movers.

  23. Freddie's fear is my fear. I can afford to move and should, but I'm terrified to do so because upgrading means more money spend and I don't wanna ever have to drastically downgrade again #growinguppoor

  24. Wait wasn't this supposed to be an apartment she said in the last video? What kind of apartment allows that much renovation???

  25. Lol I’m literally moving in two days and let me tell you I won’t have help from a professional organizer, free movers, discounted painter/handyman/interior design company, and reiki healer take care of my stuff for me while I continuously talk about how stressed I am 😂

  26. Hey there 👋🏼 I just wanted to rant to someone so I’m ranting to u. I just made a chocolate milkshake and ,y dad said that it was discou

  27. So I’m presuming she’s bought the apartment not rented it. No rental place I’ve found would let me paint like that.

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