DIY Upcycled Furniture | Upcycling Furniture From The Charity Shop/Thrift Store

DIY Upcycled Furniture | Upcycling Furniture From The Charity Shop/Thrift Store

I like to laugh at myself I do.. I find myself hilarious… *Intro Music* Hello everyone! And welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video I thought it’d be quite a fun challenge to upcycle some furniture
found at the charity shop. Now if you’re from other countries you might call it a
thrift store, or something else. But here in the UK we call them charity shops. So
let’s head out and do some shopping! Right well I’ve just parked up outside
the charity shop. And it’s a charity shop that specializes in furniture and
electricals, so I should be able to find some decent furniture to upcycle,
hopefully! So let’s head in and see what we can find!
Blood British weather man! It’s absoloutely pissing it down! I’m gonna get knocked over! Grgh! This is why I don’t go outside! They actually have some really nice
things in here, I’m quite surprised I thought would be all pine furniture.
But I need cheaper things, I’m up in eight nine quid. This is more like it, this is
what I thought I was gonna find. Now that’s hideous I could definitely do
something with that. There’s tons of stuff in here, it’s kind of crazy. Right I’m
gonna need both hands so I’m gonna hunt around, find some stuff, and then I’ll
meet you back in the studio and we’ll go over what I bought. And just like that
I’m back in the studio, and I do have to say in that specific charity shop the
customer service was fantastic, they were really, really helpful. I got better
customer service at that charity shop, than when I bought my computer which was
like seven hundred quid from a well-known retailer here in the UK. Their
service was SHITE! So thumbs up to the British Heart Foundation. Right anyway
let’s go over what I bought. Okay so I got this lovely piece of art, and it was only
two pound! Two pound! Ah man shut up! *BEEP* Okay so I bought this
lovely piece of art, and it was only two pound! Oh my god shut up! Put you on
silent. Try again! *BEEP* Okay so I bought this lovely piece of art and it was only two
pound! Two pound! Crazy! Pretty ugly though to be fair but, it’ll looked nice
once I’m done. I bought this lovely coffee table, it’s hard to fit in frame.
And it was only a tenner, and you get a lot of table for your money, it’s great!
And I also bought that chest of drawers that a spotted straightaway in the
charity shop, and this again was only ten pound. It does smell of old lady but
that’s fine, it’s okay, I don’t mind it! The feet keep coming off it, but that’s
fine because I’m gonna replace them anyway. And I also bought this free
standing lamp, and that was only a tenner but this is for a different video. I’m
not upcycling this one, well… Technically I am going to upcycle it, but in a
different video, and it’s, it’s a different thing so just ignore this! But
I bought this as well! Yes so that’s my charity shop haul, and I think
I’ve done very well. I only spent 32 quid and I got 2 hefty bits of furniture, a
painting, and a free-standing lamp. I also saw reviews on the… bollocks! *BEEP* I also saw
reviews on the British Heart Foundation’s website on Google and stuff, and some
people were saying that the stuff was really expensive. Like are they for real?
Are you serious? IKEA’s really expensive, I remember I
used to always think IKEA was a really, really, cheap place. Until maybe’s like a
year ago, or two years ago when I went. It’s so expensive nowadays! I feel like a
really old person, have a double in age overnight?…. I don’t know! Anyway I do
have a plan for all three of the things, but I do need some extra materials. So
give me a couple of weeks, I’ll get all that sorted, and then I’ll meet you back
here, and we can get upcycling! I’m back and it’s been a busy two weeks! It really has!
Anyway I thought I would start off with the picture frame, and by the way this
isn’t an original idea, I’ve seen it floating around on Pinterest for a long
time, and I’ve always wanted to try it myself. So with the picture, I didn’t
actually want the picture, or the glazing, or the backing, or anything like
that. So I took it all off. And it would have
really helped to have some nails to do this part, it’s very fiddly! But once I
removed all of that I was left with the frame itself, and that’s exactly what I
needed! For the next step I decided to buy loads of little plastic toy soldiers, and
I got like a bulk order off eBay wasn’t too bad. And then I just began hot gluing
all the little figures to the frame, and it didn’t take as long as you would
think. It was actually pretty quick. Think it took me about half an hour, so yeah,
not bad, not mad! And once I’d finish gluing all the figures to the frame, I
realized that had overestimated, by a long shot,
how many I would actually need. I had so many left over! But you know what? There’s
nothing wrong with having a few spares, they’ll come in handy! And the final step
was just to take it outside and spray paint it in a gold, metallic finish paint,
because the idea behind it is that you’re transforming something quite
mundane, into something ornate. That’s I think the purpose of this. And once that
was done, I just waited for it to dry, and you done! And this is the finished product
here, and I think looks really cool. It’s definitely unique, it’s different, it
won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I do quite like it.
And considering what it looked like before, and what it looks like now. I
think there’s a huge difference. And I think it’s for the better, I think so
anyway, I’m pretty pleased with it. So much so, I’m gonna find a place in the
studio for it. I don’t know where.. gonna have to have a rejig. There, I think it
looks all right there. I think I might need to put something in the middle of
it. I’ll go get a hook! There we go, the gaps
filled! Okay so that’s one down, two to go. And I thought we’d move on to the coffee
table next. And the first thing I wanted to do, is to sand the top of the table down,
so I’ve got a nice smooth surface to work with. So it’s time for a sexy, stupid,
montage… *Awesome Dance Music* Pfft! Urgh!!! That was so stupid! It’s the middle of Winter, I don’t know what I was thinking! I also removed the spokes, in between the table, because
I didn’t want them anymore. I was missing one anywhere so it seemed pointless, so I
just took them all out. And once the top of the table was fully sanded down, I
decided that I would spray paint it a nice white color. *FAIL MUSIC* Unfortunately I’ve had my spray paint for about…six years. So think it’s at the end of its lifetime
now. Didn’t work out! Didn’t work out at all! So instead I took it into the studio
and I just hand painted it with some white emulsion paint. And I gave it
a couple of layers, and I think because I didn’t properly clean it down, it still
had some of the sawdust from the sanding on top of the table, which gave it
more of like a moody white. Like a kind of creamy brown color, and at first I was a
bit disappointed. But then I was like, you know what I kinda liked it! So I just didn’t
do any more coats, and I kept it the way it was. I also was planning on painting
the entire table white, so the feet and all of that stuff but. I quite liked the
contrast between just the brown, and the white on top. And then at this point I
wasn’t 100% sure what I was actually going to do with the top of the table. It
was nice the way it was but… it needed a little bit more! And I was thinking about
painting maybe’s like a intricate Aztec design, or something like that on it. But
I decided not to, and instead I taped off some sections of the table, and then
painted within the sections. And then peel the tape off to get some nice hard
lines, and I did go out the lines a little bit somehow! But don’t worry a
fixed it off camera. And I just carried on going with loads, and loads, of
different colors, because I just couldn’t resist! And once I was happy with that I
decided to take it outside, and finish it off with a nice thick layer of gloss
varnish, just to make sure the paint work was protected, and to really get them
colors to pop! And that’s it! That’s my upcycle charity shop table, and
considering what it looked like before… And what it looks like now I think I’ve
done a really good job. I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely
love it! It kind of reminds me of one of them
lollipop things, them old fashioned lollipops, you usually get them at
the beach. Or like maybe’s a deck chair. But I like it so much, I’m going to put it
down here in the studio, and I can hide this hideous plug socket, that’s been
down there and bugging me for ages! Bollocks! *Beep* I think it looks great there, I
really do! That space definitely needed a table! Now moving on to the final piece
of furniture to upcycle. And it’s the chest of drawers. And I started by
removing the legs that kept coming off in the first place,
two of them were staying on, two of them just fell off all the time. And the next
step was to take the actual drawers, and to remove the… doorknobs. Couldn’t think
of the word doorknobs! And some idiot glued them on! I was expecting it to be a
really simple process and then that happened! Fortunately it’s nothing a
chisel and a hammer can’t sort out! And because I was painting this chest of
drawers black, I didn’t think it needed to be sanded down. So there’s no sexy,
stupid, montage. Sorry! So I just took it outside, and spray painted the entire
chest unit, as well as the drawers in a nice gloss, black spray paint. And once it
was dry it looked something like this… and it’s looking pretty cool, it’s
looking really good actually. But plain black is just a little too boring for me.
Doesn’t fit in with my aesthetic! Too simple! So my actual plan for this was to
create a galaxy themed chest of drawers. Sounds a bit out there I know! But for
some reason that’s what I had in my head. So I decided to use a white, pink, purple,
and blue, acrylic paint, and just flick it all over the drawers. Now clench your
butt cheeks, and cross your fingers, that I don’t F*** this up! *Chill Music* And by the time I was finished with it,
it was actually looking really good! I was really happy with myself, I don’t
think I went too far! I think I was on the verge, but I
definitely don’t think I got there! I also bought these crystal doorknobs
which I thought would look really nice with the galaxy theme, kinda look
like stars, or little planets, or something. So I attached them to the
drawers, and usually I would find these quite tacky, especially on certain pieces
of furniture. But for this I think it works quite well!
And next up I just drilled some new holes into the bottom of the chest of
drawers ready for the feet. And for this I just wanted some very plain, basic,
black, matte, feet. I was looking at some more elaborate ones online but for some
reason, furniture feet are so expensive! Like shockingly expensive! So I bought
these ones, which were like the cheapest ones I could find, and I think they’re
gonna work pretty well for it. And it was a right little workout putting them in,
just screwing them in constantly. Who needs the gym when you do DIY! And then
that’s it! That’s my galaxy themed chest of drawers, and I think considering what
it looked like before hand, and what it looks like now. I think the improvement
is huge! Again it won’t be to everybody’s taste, but that hideous, brown, dark, old
fashioned, chest of drawers into something that I consider to be quite
modern, and quite unique. I’m very proud of myself. I’m actually proud of all
three of the things I’ve created today. And this is definitely getting a space
in the studio! There we go! Right next to my table, I definitely needed a chest of
drawers there as well. I just reorganized the studio to give me
more space, and somehow I’m already giving myself less space! Anyway that does it
for today’s video. Hopefully you did enjoy it! If you did
make sure to give it a thumbs up! And although I’m really pleased with myself,
and I’m really pleased with what I’ve created today. Let me know down below in
the comments, what your favorite piece is. Was it the chest of drawers? Was it the
picture frame? Or was it the coffee table? And if you didn’t like any of them, also
let me know down in the comments because…. I’ll be very sad. I’ll be very upset! I
worked hard on this!! But anyway I’ll see you next week for a brand new video! Byeee!! *Upbeat Music*

11 thoughts on “DIY Upcycled Furniture | Upcycling Furniture From The Charity Shop/Thrift Store”

  1. The frame looked awesome 👏🏻! I’m now eyeing up the kids toys to see what I can stick to a frame 🤣 LOL dolls? 😂

  2. Great job Anthony, I loved the coffee table as very mid century modern and as a sci-fi and star trek geek I loved the bed side table from a galaxy far far away, well your local charity shop anyway. Lol

  3. I love the drawers! If someone said they had galaxy themed drawers, I'd think they looked shite but I really like these ones.

  4. I love the frame it would be really cool for a veteran or someone serving w their pic in it:))) Very cool. I like the muddy white on the table too!! It kind of looks like a surf board:)) omw i loved the chisel and hammer lol i love how the galaxy look its awesome great job!! 3 for 3!!!!

  5. I loved the chest of drawers. I’ve got a ugly pine one that deffo needs some TLC so I might just give it the same treatment.

  6. When are you adding the sexy montage? 😂
    I love the paint effect on the drawers who knew you had all these DIY skills?! I'd say please do more but I'm worried you will run out of room in the studio 😜

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