DIY Camouflage Pattern | Sea Lemon

DIY Camouflage Pattern | Sea Lemon

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make
a camouflage pattern. The shapes and colors I’m going to make are
based on a US Army pattern. If you really want to dive into the history behind camouflage
patterns, has everything about camouflage from every country. It’s pretty
crazy, so be sure to check out that link in the description below. You can pretty much draw this on anything,
but I’m going to draw on this little memo book I made. If you’re curious on how to make
one for yourself, you can check out this tutorial here, or find the link listed below. So this version of camo usually has four colors.
So I’m using brown, black, green and the light brown already on my paper. First start with the brown. Camouflage is
basically a landscape, so this will be the dirt or tree trunks. Kind of make shapes of blobby puddles. Maybe
there’s a better word for that? Can you think of one? Don’t say poop… I know one of you
is going to say poop. They don’t have to be perfect. Now for the green. This will be the foliage
of the landscape. Make the same shapes around the brown ones,
and connect them on some parts. Now for the black. This will be for the branches
and dense areas of the landscape. They kind of hide between the brown and green. And then you’re done! You can also try this in other colors. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Feel
free to leave your comments below and check out my channel for other pattern tutorials. For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe.
You can also check out a couple of my other pattern videos here. Be sure to follow me
and show me pics of your projects on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All these links and
more are listed in the description below.

100 thoughts on “DIY Camouflage Pattern | Sea Lemon”

  1. amazing how you always do research for each pattern! I've been watching this pattern playlist and i'm really impressed by your knowledge 🙂

  2. Good job with the tutorial, do you know how to do similar patterns on clothing? I want to make my own camouflage on a poncho/cape type thing using only brown based colors.

  3. i finally did it yaaaay! i really wanted. to learn to draw the army camouflage thank you for this video. cuz before it was kinda confused to do but finally i did it

  4. Hello Sea Lemon! Thank you for such a brilliant tutorial on camo! Although mine did not turn out as great I still was able to do this. Thank you

  5. I'm SO bad at drawing that I'd successfully fuck up drawing amoeba-like objects that don't have specific or definitive shapes.

  6. The blobs in camouflage actually aren't parts of landscape but a way to disrupt human patterns and outlines.

  7. actually you can say something like organic patterns seen in nature camouflage patterns. Tips for actually using the camo colors is to think of earth toned colors. Build them up just like the value you'll see in nature.

  8. You did a great job making homemade camo!!!!!!! You have a great hand I'm gonna try it but I don't think it'll look the same.

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