Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem

100 thoughts on “Crook’s Corner: Exclusive Interview w/ Eminem”

  1. Eminem being on Crook's Corner is going to promote Crooked's platform immensely.
    And they say Em dont look out for his homies…

  2. Lakim shabazz!?!?……..oh yeah. I gotta give it up to Em……but, crook bruh!?! Cmon fam….media outlets!?!? Just say joe buddens my G….

  3. Lyricisms is so important in the rap game I hear him talk about his idols and that’s how I feel about him , nas , Jay , jadakiss , method man , Andre 3000 , biggie , pac , even Cole and Kanye and Luda as well the lyricism and the bars will never Die is not only a game is also a culture

  4. Someone could start a challenge for everyone that can rhyme. To make a song with multiple styles. Or make an album with each made with a different style than the Artist uses all the time.

  5. Can he finally answer the question of y he doesn't fuck with real Detroit artist? Maybe Detroit would actually support him then. We tired of wondering y he entertains artist from everywhere but here

  6. If EM is a guest in the house of hip-hop,
    Then he is one of them annoying ass person who, ends up over staying their welcome, shits like its his owns bathroom and house, goes thru you pantry and FOOD, and is always at the house and pretty much ends up making the house he is staying in his, until the people actually get annoyed and KICK HIM OUT.

    But so far it hasn't happened so no1 must want him out yet hahahaa

  7. My dad was a professional painter long before I was born retired about two years ago boy I tell you he'll fix the f*** out of your car

  8. 34:00 really stuck chord with me. I was always under the impression an artist composed and produced their own music. I have had moments where I didn’t make follow through because my beat was lacking. To this day any music I have released is written and composed by me. I’m not trying to say that It’s a bad thing not to do it that way I just haven’t found someone authentic that wants to be serious about it.

  9. My dad listen to Eminem before the Marshall Mathers LP. Got yelled at while I was taking a bath she over heard me playing with my toys in the bath tub saying “I’m infinite your heard of hell because I was sent to it for murdering instruments!!”

  10. I am a huge fan of both these guys. I respect their pen so much but they are a bit unrealistic about how to recieve valid criticism from genuine fans. They almost called any opinion from someone that can't do what they do invalid and that's just false across any medium.

  11. Eminem in his songs:"I'm the Rap god, yall ain't shit, i'm the best to ever do it, by far, no competition, check my catalogue bitch"
    Eminem in interviews:"Here is a list of verses of random rappers that almost made me quit.Also I'm not top 1, i'm barely top 50."

  12. Nowadays Everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say
    But nothin comes out when they move their lips
    Just a bunch of gibberish
    And mothafuckas act like they forgot about Em…

  13. When em dies which I wish never happen, ima cry the whole day, nah the whole week, nah the whole month, nah the whole year.

  14. Got the djvlad notification about Eminem and the whole guest in the house of hip-hop or whatever. I clicked on it because Vlad talks about Eminem sooooo much, I thought he was actually about to have a face-to-face, but nope! Not Vlad… Not his interview. Not getting my view. 🏃🏾‍♀️ to Crook's Corner and got a lesson about hip-hop that blew my mind! So many layers to this interview…. Wish you and your platform much success! 💯👏

  15. I'm 35 now liked Eminem always have always will just wanna say Legacy track is fuckin Power 💯💥💥💥💥 we blasting off . Shout out from the UK

  16. I’m huge on lyricism and Royce, crooked, rakim, big daddy Kane, treachery— yo, these dudes still impress the fuck out of me and sometimes I write my ass off. I spend A lot of time writing and when I hear these dudes— mf doom, pharaohe— these dudes always impress me and I never see them on lists. Em is right. Y’all picking your personal favorites that’s why every one has their own personal list.

  17. Lest be honest: People say em isn’t rapping much, but even then, your rappers be having shit vocals, bad hooks, bad proper English, no common sense, bad cadence, bad flow, timing, etc…., atleast you can hear his shit if that’s the case. There’s so much bad shit where people don’t even care about anything at all. Let’s be honest. If you think em ain’t rapping about shit, you’re into one of those people who have no respect for the art.

  18. Lol what my boi em is happy when angry thats crazy i cant hate him to make him happy i gotta thank the haters i guess.

  19. I'll be the first to admit I dont catch half the shit that gets dropped in people like EMS music but I always know it's there and keep listening to catch them

  20. Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, XXXtentacion, JuiceWrld, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Redman — My favourite artists in no particular order.

    Great interview, eminem is a 🐐.

    and epstein didn’t kill himself.

  21. most inspirational artist who ever lived im 31 tomorrow and the first cassette tape i ever bought was eminem 'stan' an discovering Marshalls music has always been a passion ever since. The fun he had with 'as the world turns' still has me laughing my ass off after all these years an he still keeping it fresh

  22. Em: Is there a King of Hip Hop?
    Us:yes its you Marshall Mathers


  23. I would love their opinion on so many musicians like mac miller who didnt always have bars but switched genres almost and was able to make his own beats or maybe his take now on drugs after getting clean

  24. U should've brought up "like a spider crawling up ur spinal column or the wall of an insane asylum,ur like a vaginal problem to a diabolical gynecologist"…. hard shit

  25. If someone hates on Eminem they don’t know what real rap is. Em is one of the best rappers out there who could rap fast asf and you could still understand what he’s saying it’s amazing 🔥🔥

  26. I like nick cannon don’t get me wrong !! but simply couldn’t watch his last interview with vladtv it was cringeworthy, love EM so humble 💯

  27. The 2 things I got out of this were…#1 Em is still the GOAT imo, and #2 There's alot of rappers I need to be listening to lol.

  28. Eminem isn’t the same that man is sorry for being white and is damn near making excuses for being white and a rapper man is not a guest in shit he is one of the kings of rap no cap

  29. Crook I know every fan tells you this but I been rocking with you since 8th grade when u dropped that freestyle over the eclipse grinding beat during the wake up show with sway

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