#227 Top Class Royal Sofa | Affordable Rich look furniture at factory prices @Aarsunwoods

#227 Top Class Royal Sofa | Affordable Rich look furniture at factory prices @Aarsunwoods

Namaskar, Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun,
what I have today is an 8 Seater sofa set in Antique gold teak wood and very nice Pista
green color fabric along with a center table and two side tables. Again this is also in antique gold the most
liked color sofa we have been making apart from teak and the walnut finish, the natural
wood colors. Antique gold so far has been liked by most
of the clients for its royal look. Let’s start with the three-seater first it
has got two different things first is the back quilting you see here and it has got
folding cushion with extra puffed seat, these are removable cushion, the seat is not flat,
it is little pumped, similarly here we have another three-seater
and two chairs. Now if you see the design on top of it a very
Maharaja look the classic Maharaja look that you see in these kinds of sets and the carves
that you see here the carve is going from here to out, the ear part it is going straight
and perpetuating outside, its carves from here. Talking about the quilting at the back its
a contemporary style in most of the sofas in contemporary design you see this thing
the criss cross that you see we called quilting and this folding seat design again is very
contemporary style so its a blend of the classical and the contemporary theme with the antique
gold finish and the class of Aarsun the very fine carved design all hand carved all done
by Indian artisans this is Art of Indian our local talent Sahranpur Art that we talk about
and the master artisan that our with Aarsun so long now almost 25-30 years have been working
with us Now talking about the seat very comfortable seat at a comfortable height and the cushion
on the handle is also very smooth and heavy so give your hand a complete rest here this
table is 42 X 42 Inches outer a square table because one we have a bigger set require a
very big table as compare to the a lean table or rectangular table Now this would require
a glass on top of it we don’t provide glasses as they as not transportable you can hire
somebody locally and they will put the glass over it. and then we have a title extra size
side tables this one is 21 inches square so we have two side tables along with this side
tables are very handy when you have a set like this a lot of people use side tables
for decoration purposes also to give some statue or a vase and you can use it as a small
table also so anyone who is at a further corner like I am seating here it is very comfortable
for me to use this rather than this one so I can keep my cup or some eatable right here. You can see the design how well how beautifully
this has been carved everything that you see every flower every petal perpetuating outside
coming out due to that antique thing that we have been doing a normal painted sofa doesn’t
give you that beautiful look that you see in there and we have been exporting all major
countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand and most part of Europe, in Oman Dubai and
UK we have been sending all over and recently we all sent to Ghana so covering most of the
Globe and all part of India are covered already. We delivery to doorstep in all across India
so you provide us your address we delivery there if you want to increase the seats or
decrease the number of seats that can be done if you want 3 1 1 a 5 Seater, that can be
done, you need a 4 seater instead of 3 that can be done, you want to to add some settee
or a deewan or an open back couch along with this that can be done colors are changeable
we provide customization options for colors a fabrics for a design the size of the tables
that would be as per your requirement altogether very nice design a very beautiful one very
well crafted and I am sure something like this has to be appreciated this is art of
India local art no machine no CNC or no robotics are involved in this all hand-worked from
the drawing to the crafting and then the painting then the quilting part fabrication part everything
is done by hand using small tools. I request you to put some comments and if
you want to see more stuff like this, kindly subscribe to our channel. Thank you.

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  1. It looks so pleasing to eye. The colour combination specially the green looks excellent. And the hand work of our artists are really praiseworthy. Best wishes to your team.

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